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Happy Friday Beauties !

Yes this post is about beauty products – hehe !

This is a mish mash of fun of the lovely things I have received!

I have a list of reviews I need to do like ASAP! I am just one human being and I am testing and trying everything at the speed of L O V E. So, after today – EXPECT many posts!

EEK fun !!!!!!

Today is about some gifts from Urban Outfitters – I have always loved that store! Crazy Good for clothing and fun homey things.

Well now they have Beauty!

As You all Know I am a beauty nerd when it comes to researching brands! When I get excited – which I am pretty much all of the time- I go and try and test stuff IN STORE.

Online Shopping does not cut it for me – for the basics yeah – but for beauty – I need to check it out!

uobeauty mylipaddiction.com

I like to peruse ! A lot !!!!!  In another life Maybe I was a personal shopper! hehe

so here is some B E A U T Y and my first Impressions!

I am not one for showing You everything Here – But You can check out more pics on INSTA . I am also going to start Uploading again to Flckr– I haven’t in so long!

So Some of the fabulous !

birthday MyLipAddiction.com

Hello – Last Friday – when all the fun began with DAVE LACKIE – This Eau De Toilette is STUNNING ! I am always Truly Grateful. Always.

This amazing soap from Urban Outfitters! Hello wow and so Good. Buck Naked Soap Company  – Seriously – come on – looks like Cake – smells better than Cake – WHAT ???

Found her on IG – wowy

And I have wanted this Book for eons…..

I will start reading it AFTER all the reviews are done.

Now Mario Badescu

hello Gorgeous !


Enzyme Cleansing Gel

Glycolic Acid Toner and Seaweed Night cream

MARIO!!!!!!!! where have you been all my life !

First impressions – AMAZING ! Short list of ingredients! YES

Now I understand WHY they have such a Cult following!

The cleansing enzyme gel is just perfect – From Product to Packaging – Skin is less Wintery already!

Seaweed Night Cream Mario B MyLipadiction.com

This Night Cream is Super rich! I have a THING for oceanic products. I used it last night and am loving how intensely nourishing it is. I haven’t tried the toner yet, I have one face Lol ! Can’t try everything at once! But It looks promising. Seaweed Night Cream MyLipaddiction.com

There is so much more….. But I can’t post everything – You will see them pop up here and there !

This is STILL  my face after all this birthday Fun !!!!

I will see You all very soon !!!!!!!!

Happy Friday !!!!!

and a Tiny reminder

Birthday Party MyLipaddiction.com

Muah xo

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  1. WHUT, Urban Outfitters now carries Mario Badescu?! Because I was all giddy yesterday because I saw the brand at Saks. HOW EXCITING!
    I am researching the brand and making a list of what I want! I want that toner. Actually, I want everything, probably! 😛

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