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Happy weekend Loves!

Yesterday was one of the Biggest Beauty Parties EVER!

The Biggest one I have ever attended!

So There will be 2 parts to This post !

It was the taping of Fashion Friday on CityLine With Dave Lackie and Beautiful and Vivacious CityLine Host Tracy Moore 

The Show airs on March 4th  HERE !

Where do I Start! I am still in party mode!

Let Me just say that This show taping was so energy packed – I’ve not been to anything that can even compare!

Again – It was Interactive with the hashtag #CityLineBeauty

Twitter Board MyLipAddiction.com

There is so much ACTION and Fun in being in the Audience !

Camera In the Camera MyLipAddiction.com

Cameras everywhere ! FUN !

Dave Segment MyLipaddiction.com .jpg

I was sitting way up – so YES – Fun ! Here is Dave in the middle of one of his Beauty Segments!

You Guys are Gonna love it – All The best of Spring 2016!

It was Fashion Friday and there was a segment on Prom Dresses.

Fashion Friday MyLipAddiction.com

I seriously have so many photos ! It’s Nuts!


Unexpected Dance Offs !

My Friend Connie Caught The Wonderful Daniel  and the Floor Director VOGUE-ING XO


Amazing DJ –  Lissa Monet – No words !!!!!!!

Katie, Myself and Connie !

Katie Cat and Connie

When I post Part 2 !

I will show You what The Crazy Amazing Gift bag valued Over 1000.00 in full detail .

OVERWHELMED Cat ? Yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


catch you soon !

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  1. I saw that little vogue dance you were doing 🙌🏻. Looks like an amazing & fun time!! So glad you got to go and enjoy yourself!!

  2. Oh and duh!!! Can’t wait to see the goodies you relieved so I’m patiently waiting for part 2.💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

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