My Top Five Lippies for Summer – Too Faced, MAC Plushglass & Revlon Lip Butter

Happy Friday loves! 



Okay – so I am having a Big Love affair with Too Faced – Like Huge/ Like I would forget all other beauty lines (except skincare ones) 

Did You guys need to know about my love affairs ? –  – probably not!

This is not a sponsored post – But I wish It was!  and ps – Hint Hint friends and family 

It’s Friday – I am feeling THE SILLY start to percolate in me.

Does that even make sense ?  – Probably not!


So back to what I wanted To write about Today!

My Top Five Lip products for summer (so far) 

It Only took me two weeks to get back to writing about lip products .

And This is supposed to be a LIP BLOG.

anyways – here is Today’s review.


Melted Metallic Debutante is a bright golden flecked pink peach.  Right Now – It’s very bright on me (Ilovethat). It’s a seriously amazing summer colour. When I start getting some colour on this pale skin of mine – (Hello self Tanner) .It will definitely give that Golden godesss kinda look. 

Melted Metallic Peony is My everyday day shade right now – It’s a Universal colour. It’s Got some gold in as well, but set against a more neutral petal pink colour . This could suit any skin colour.

Their applicators Rock. No Liner. Precise and You can Build up to a more intense burst if You want to. 

I swipe Twice because I always want to emphasize My Lips. 

So buildable like any other beauty product. 

My iPhone camera does not do the colours any sort of Justice. 

They last a Long time, Yeah- i needed to reapply after drinking or eating – But that’s pretty normal for me. Messy Lips! 

Cat Forsley
Cat Forsley

This Gives you an idea of what they look like on

ps- I can’t wait to get a new camera !

So Let’s Move on To

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie is a fun one. All of their Lip Butters are so moisturizing. They are soooooooooooooooo Inexpensive at Shoppers Drug mart right now. I bought a few colours and I think they were priced at 4 CAD each. It’s Like a balm with super intense colour. I like the brightness of this one. It’s obviously cool toned, But I Think It would look good on most skin tones .

And Now we get into the Plumping ones. 

I have a THING for Lip plumpers. 

I Love the Tingle they give my lips. Not suited for everyone’s lips – I know.

These Two are  the most Lip friendly ones I have found – so far. 

MAC Plushglass Big Kiss

Big Kiss seems to be BIG BABY on their site and I don’t know why.

Tone wise – It’s comparable to Melted metallic Debutante – without the flecks and foiled look. 

I Could only show you so many colours on my lips today – before they feel like falling off . HA!

It does create a Plumper look and Maybe I will do a full review of The PLUMPERS I love once the crazy weekend is over etc. 


And Last but Not least

Too Faced Lip Injection Lip Gloss 

Seriously – In Love – Best Plumper ever.  Smells like Candy! 

I didn’t swatch it on my arm because it’s barely pink. 

This is my secret weapon – HA. 

and I so Love what They write on their site –

“Science gets sexy” 

All of Too Faced is Vegan friendly – Hello happy Cat . 

This one is a Big tingler – It has avocado oil in it and the Plumping affects last about 2 hours 

On Their site It says “Up To 4 hours”  So pretty close…..

I put it on after all my skincare stuff and I love the Big Mouth It gives me .


So I hope You enjoyed my Top Five of the summer – so FAR ! 




Cat Forsley 



  1. I really need to try those Melted lipsticks! They look fab! I keep hearing about those revlon lip butters although I’ve never tried them! You are sending me to the drugstore now haha!

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                    1. just a silly collage – with 1800 we need help ………. xxxx i am really into making collages and once i get an idea – THERE NO STOPPING me xo it will take me ten minutes xxx

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        1. I know – they do NOT WORK ……..
          you know which one You should swatch too – 🙂 Melted Tutu – That one is fabulous xxx I love them all really – Tutu is just a bit brighter than debutante – Lemme know what U get xoxoxo

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  2. Holy we have the same love affair!!! I CANNOT, WILL NOT live without my Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme, regular Lip Injection and Buxom!!
    Have you tried the Extreme Injection serum for at night & mornings?

    Not even joking, my lips DOUBLED in size from using the above holy 3 daily /nightly!
    Looooove this post ChiChi love Cat!💋💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

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    1. i was just about to leave and GET OUT THE DOOR FINALLY lol xxxxx No i haven’t OMG XXX i will have to NOW XO omg i am so excited and chi chi love back – Tofu is hiding today – I think it’s too loud with the music going on xo Big smooch ❤ YAY to amazing Love affairs ……… and chihuahuas xxxx
      u have my email xo

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      1. Oh yesssss!! You are going to adore the Extreme!
        Both my girl’s are hiding this morning from the wicked thunderstorms and rain we are getting pounded with…
        Soak up that beautiful day down there!!!…WHOO YEAH!
        WILL fire you off a letter this evening….xxxxxxxx
        MWAH! xo

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        1. it’s raining here too xxxxx Boooh big umbrella xxxxxxxxxxxx UMBRELLLA – ELLA ELLA – thats a good song too xxxxx Extreme is NEXT lady xxx for sure xo xo xo ❤ yes do write xx

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  3. Love too faced! There having s promo right now I got an email this morning if you spend $55 you get 3 samples! And I def want to try that plumper 😉


  4. So many gorgeous lippy products here Cat – too much to choose from, I seem to be getting hook on collecting lippies this weather, this doesn’t help my addiction huni!! lol have a great time with your bestie – I’m sure you’ve lots of catching up to do 🙂 XXXXXXXXXXX


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