In The Pink – Saturday Edition

Happy weekend Lovelies!

Every Saturday I will be posting a purely Pink collection.

Pink is IT for me!

The Colour of Romance

The Colour of Innocence

And before I Try and get poetic on a Saturday Morning – I just wanted to combine some of my Favourite pink things at the moment and create a little edit.


Pink watch – Crazy about this gumbally watch – Found it on Amazon a while back for under 20 CAD.

TATS – Mac x Giambattista Valli’s new bright pink – which I am Obsessed with and Haven’t stopped wearing (afraid to run out)


It’s so pretty – even applied with my finger – a gentle sweep of rose gold is so lovely with blue eyes.

HIRKARI Blush in Tango which I have written about before and came in an ipsy glambag- I don’t subscribe anymore but this is just the one of the prettiest blushes ever.! And You don’t need much.

My Melody notepad – Second to Hello Kitty – She is my favourite –

EOS lip balm – again written about before in the 7 products I can’t live without. I should update this list – As It’s Grown – Just as tad! This one is in Strawberry Sorbet –  smells and feels delicious on the lips.

Oooh – See the little Pink Lip ring ! I Cannot remember where I Got that – But it’s my Mylipaddiction,com ring!

Stila Stay All Day Liquid lipstick in Rosa – a Bubblegum pink – Thank You Secret admirer-  whomever you are ? Haven’t Tried it out yet!  Full review will come soon!

And Lastly The Strawberry Scrub by OTAVEA – which is heavenly – You may remember I did a profile on their company and scrubs Here – the discount code to receive 20% off your purchase is still active (for a few more days) for my subscribers if you use the code “alllovecat”.

That’s It for the weekend! Yay – Enjoy InJOY




    1. Power punch MOUTH XO
      i know xxx
      i so don’t wanna run out
      i talked to a mac lady yesterday – she said that people are selling them on ebay USED
      how gross is that xo
      me love – i am sending out your giveaway as soon as i get dressed –

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      1. OMG USED lipsticks, that is soo gross! I was browsing through IG this morning and saw a lady who bought 16 of each color and that really upset me. She purposely bought them to sell each one for $40. I really despise people like that, the only time I ever buy in multiples it’s either an accident and I return for someone else to get it or I buy for my gf who is at work and can’t have a phone on her. People are crazy 😒😒😒

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        1. fOR REAL …………… that’s just bad karma on her – people can’t upSell – i don’t t know if thats the right term . ? but that is like what scalpers do . ROUGH – and yukky no likey .xo

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      1. Yes! I love it! Such a great blush! xoxoxo
        BIG HUGS back to you LE C
        LE K xoxoxoxox ❤ ❤


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