The Truth About Daisy – Marc Jacobs – Eau So Fresh – Kiss

Hiya BeYoutifulls!

If You have been reading my blog for a while you know how much I adore writing about Fragrance!

It’s the most poetic and it’s the most artsy in my opinion!

So Today I am writing about a Gorgeous Fragrance I received from Dave Lackie a little while ago.

If You are not following him on Twitter – You are missing out!


Enter Beautifullllll

Daisy – Marc Jacobs – Eau So Fresh – Kiss Edition 

Available at Hudson’s Bay

“Daisy eau so fresh kiss is light and radiant with a vibrant blend of peony, cherry blossom and rose petals. Notes of sensual white wood and sandalwood round out the base.”

With Notes of


Rose petals

White wood


I have written about the power of fragrance and How it can boost your mood

You can find that Here 

-So ….

The Truth about Daisy

My Truth

At First Glance You see The Iconic Daisy on the bottle and it’s a stunning gem

What really entices me – design wise is the Pink Ombré

 and the heaviness of the bottle.

Eau So Fresh – Kiss Edition has a definite pulse to it.

Just Like a Kiss does.

It’s romantic and sweet and reminds me of

the feeling of My first love.

I was 17 and I remember every little detail

Summer Nights staring at the stars sitting on the roof of his car

Wearing His shirts – Just because they were his – I didn’t really like them!

Flirting innocently without even knowing I was


This is How I would best describe this scent

Flirting Without Knowing it

And this takes me back to the the flowers- the notes in this summery scent

All Flowers woo us without even knowing it.

The only notes I can smell are flowers and I love that!

That’s the beautiful thing about fragrance …

It’s so very personal !

So I would describe this fragrance as

Young at Heart




Playful ….


What scent are you wearing for Summer?

I would love to Know !


All Love


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Giant Thanks To Dave Lackie …..

As always – All views expressed are my own



  1. So beautiful!
    The pink ombré is the stand out aspect of the bottle design for me as well.
    Awww your first love at 17 – so sweet! 😛
    Right now I’m loving Philosophy’s Love Sweet Love – a grapefruity scent that’s really refreshing!

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  2. Thanks to Dave, I am enjoying Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh. It too is light and airy and perfect for the summer months. The bottles are so pretty, I am collecting them all.

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  3. How beautifully said – you’ve really tempted me with this, I really need to try a tester as I could do with a new summer fragrance (I’ve been using Cacharel Amor Amor for a while now). x

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      1. I really like the Amor Amor fragrance (perhaps I like it more because you can get it quite cheaply!) Just a shame so many perfumes don’t last long after you’ve applied them. x


  4. I have not met a Daisy perfume that i have not liked. I am in love with them all. This one sounds like it will be another one to add to the list. I have four of the minis that I got from Duty Free a while back. It was great for me as I could not decide which one to get so when I saw the mixed set I was so happy. I didn’t have to just choose one.

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