The Truth About Daisy – Marc Jacobs – Eau So Fresh – Kiss

Hiya BeYoutifulls!

If You have been reading my blog for a while you know how much I adore writing about Fragrance!

It’s the most poetic and it’s the most artsy in my opinion!

So Today I am writing about a Gorgeous Fragrance I received from Dave Lackie a little while ago.

If You are not following him on Twitter – You are missing out!


Enter Beautifullllll

Daisy – Marc Jacobs – Eau So Fresh – Kiss Edition 

Available at Hudson’s Bay

“Daisy eau so fresh kiss is light and radiant with a vibrant blend of peony, cherry blossom and rose petals. Notes of sensual white wood and sandalwood round out the base.”

With Notes of


Rose petals

White wood


I have written about the power of fragrance and How it can boost your mood

You can find that Here 

-So ….

The Truth about Daisy

My Truth

At First Glance You see The Iconic Daisy on the bottle and it’s a stunning gem

What really entices me – design wise is the Pink Ombré

 and the heaviness of the bottle.

Eau So Fresh – Kiss Edition has a definite pulse to it.

Just Like a Kiss does.

It’s romantic and sweet and reminds me of

the feeling of My first love.

I was 17 and I remember every little detail

Summer Nights staring at the stars sitting on the roof of his car

Wearing His shirts – Just because they were his – I didn’t really like them!

Flirting innocently without even knowing I was


This is How I would best describe this scent

Flirting Without Knowing it

And this takes me back to the the flowers- the notes in this summery scent

All Flowers woo us without even knowing it.

The only notes I can smell are flowers and I love that!

That’s the beautiful thing about fragrance …

It’s so very personal !

So I would describe this fragrance as

Young at Heart




Playful ….


What scent are you wearing for Summer?

I would love to Know !


All Love


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Giant Thanks To Dave Lackie …..

As always – All views expressed are my own


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26 thoughts on “The Truth About Daisy – Marc Jacobs – Eau So Fresh – Kiss

  1. So beautiful!
    The pink ombré is the stand out aspect of the bottle design for me as well.
    Awww your first love at 17 – so sweet! 😛
    Right now I’m loving Philosophy’s Love Sweet Love – a grapefruity scent that’s really refreshing!

  2. Thanks to Dave, I am enjoying Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh. It too is light and airy and perfect for the summer months. The bottles are so pretty, I am collecting them all.

  3. How beautifully said – you’ve really tempted me with this, I really need to try a tester as I could do with a new summer fragrance (I’ve been using Cacharel Amor Amor for a while now). x

      1. I really like the Amor Amor fragrance (perhaps I like it more because you can get it quite cheaply!) Just a shame so many perfumes don’t last long after you’ve applied them. x

  4. Such a cute bottle, the ombré is something new for MJ! I have the regular Eau So Fresh that I’ve been using a lot of this summer.
    Much Love

  5. I have not met a Daisy perfume that i have not liked. I am in love with them all. This one sounds like it will be another one to add to the list. I have four of the minis that I got from Duty Free a while back. It was great for me as I could not decide which one to get so when I saw the mixed set I was so happy. I didn’t have to just choose one.

  6. I need to give it a whiff next time I’m near the perfume counter. Lately, I have been spritzing Burberry London.

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