NEW -Charlotte Tilbury’s – The Gift Of Red Carpet Skin Travel Kit

Hi BeYoutifulls!

Today I have Charlotte Tilbury’s newest release !

The Gift of Red Carpet Skin Travel Kit 

From Charlotte’s Website

Darlings, discover the NEW Gift of Red Carpet Skin makeup kit. Featuring a fabulous new TSA-approved makeup bag so you can travel in style, perfect for a glamourous weekend away!

I often get asked what products I use on models and actresses to make them red-carpet-ready, so as it’s a season for sharing, I’ve put together this little box of travel-size versions of all my magic tricks to help you get that red-carpet-ready, flawless glow.

Packed with Bio-Nymph Peptide, Mediterranean Clay and Sweet Almond Oil, my GODDESS CLAY MASK will leave skin smoother, plumper and glowing.

My luxurious MULTI-MIRACLE GLOW cleansing balm transforms the skin, leaving it noticeably soft and supple.

My famous, miracle-working MAGIC CREAM contains a secret fusion of anti-ageing ingredients to instantly turnaround dull, ageing, lacklustre skin.

And the genius award-winner, WONDERGLOW, uses breakthrough technology to steal UV light from its surroundings and radiate it as skin luminosity, transforming sleep-deprived skin in seconds.

I poured all my makeup artist know-how into creating SUPERMODEL BODY, an incredible ‘slimmer shimmer’ that sculpts and highlights your contours for glossy perfection. It’s total body confidence in a bottle. The subtle pigment blended with contouring highlighters acts like an invisible film of shapewear lingerie for body confidence.

Die-hard makeup-wearers will love TAKE IT ALL OFF – my oil-rich, two-toned cleanser that removes even the hardest to shift makeup in one swipe.

So there you have it. Five of my greatest illusions that will leave you feeling ready to take on the red carpet.



Travel MULTI MIRACLE GLOW tube 15ml

Travel MAGIC CREAM pot 15ml

Travel WONDERGLOW tube 15ml

Travel SUPERMODEL BODY tube 15ml

Travel TAKE IT ALL OFF tube 15ml


First of all -Let’s talk about her beautiful packaging – LET’S !!!!

The travel case is everything and the gilded lips everywhere – YES !

Included as well a super cute sticker ….

So let’s get into each product !

SPOILER ALERT- They are all amazing

Goddess Skin Clay Mask

What it is 

• This glow-giving formula combines Spanish clay with Sweet Almond oil to nourish your skin.

• BioNymph Peptide Complex promotes collagen and elasticity.

• Frangipani Flower extracts has antiseptic properties to soothe your skin and leave it cashmere-soft

• Essential oils hydrate skin with its smooth formula.

• Ideal if you have dry skin or problem skin.


– My Thoughts –

I have used it 3 times so far and the claims are real !

There is only one other mask I have tried that I can compare it to and I will get to that a bit later this week!

My skin tends to be on the dry side so this feeds the skin and does indeed leave it really smooth and happy..

Would I purchase it ?


Next up

Multi -Miracle Glow

What it is


• It’s a 3-in-1 skin remedy: a deep cleansing face balm, a regenerating mask and an SOS remedy that you can use on cuticles, elbows, heels and shins.

• Organic Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil stimulates micro-circulation and enhances epidermal renewal for a refreshed, smooth complexion

• Nourishing Vitamin A improves skin firmness, energising Vitamin C promotes youthful skin and anti-oxidant Vitamin E moisturises and fights free radicals for luminous skin.

• Rosehip and camellia oils regenerate, restructure and hydrate your skin to delay signs of ageing

• 92%* of users agreed that their skin felt instantly refreshed after using the cleanser, mask and balm, after just one use!

• Paraben-free

My Thoughts 

I have used this as a cleansing balm and a moisturizer so far and have loved it!

You only need a tiny bit of product – This is the case with all things Charlotte

Lovely scent and what I think makes this product extra special is the sea  buckthorn

My skin reacts well to all things oceanic and Sea Buckthorn is a known healer

I used it about 12 years ago after my C section -along side other natural remedies and was left scar free

Would I purchase this ?


Next Up

Charlotte’s Magic Cream

So before I even get into the description!!!

When I reviewed Charlotte Tilbury’s Revolutionary Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask 

I was sent a travel size of this cream and loved it right away


What It is 

• This multi-tasking treat & transform moisturiser features a secret blend of patented ingredients to give you plump gorgeous skin every day!

• SPF15 and an anti-UVA filter protects your skin from the sun’s ageing effects

• Hyaluronic acid and wild pansy extracts seal-in moisture so your skin feels renewed and rejuvenated

• Rosehip and camellia oils and antioxidant vitamin E transforms dull complexions so you can get hydrated, youthful skin

• Perfect if you want to cheat the appearance of 8 hours sleep for glowing skin in a flash!

• Paraben-free

• Plus a little bit of top secret magic!

My Thoughts 

Again You don’t need much for that wide awake plumped up happy skin look!

It is scented but I don’t mind that

My skin is on the sensitive side and I try everything on my arm first

I use this on my cheek area, chin and forehead and avoid the eye area and the lips

The hyaluronic acid is the plumping secret here and the spf is a bonus

Would I purchase it?

It’s Lower on my list than the others so I would have to say


Next Up – MY fave Out of the 5

Wonder GLOW

What it is 

• Use the Wonderglow face primer underneath your foundation OR on its own for a relaxed dewy look.

• State of the art fluorescent core light diffuser absorbs UV particles from the sun and reemits their energy as visible light, illuminating your skin.

• Soft focus ceramic microspheres smooth over wrinkles and imperfect skin tone, creating an anti-ageing optical illusion for a flawless, poreless complexion.

• Anti-aging BioNymph Peptide Complex stimulates collagen to promote elasticity in your skin.

• Ideal for those seeking an effortlessly dewy look.

• Paraben-free

My thoughts 

WELL – again when the Dry mask came a few months ago – another travel size was sent along with and I will tell you guys right now…..


I use this every day – It’s lightly tinted and melts into the skin

I use it before the Beauty Glow Instant Look in a palette and wow – GLOWATHON !

Subtle and angelic

Not over the top and garish

Would I purchase?


Next UP

Super Model Body

What It is 


•You can get long-limbed, glossy-skinned perfection in minutes!

• FermiProtect is a wild shitake extract that protects the collagen fibres in the skin, making your skin look and feel firmer, toned and supple.

• Caffeine detoxes the skin tissues, reducing unevenness and any puffiness.

• Aloe Vera and Allantoin soothe and comfort the skin, whilst Menthol has an instant cooling sensation which helps to stimulate blood circulation.

• The precious-metal highlighter mix catches the light down the centre of your limbs for a luminous radiant glow.

• Ideal if you want to make your skin feel firmer, supple and smooth whilst getting that supermodel body!

• Paraben-free


My Thoughts 

This is Glow Magic in a tube

Perfect for collarbones, legs and arms

I am very fair skinned so what I have noticed with this is that it just gives a glow

Like an amped up bronzer

This travel size is too small for me to give you an honest opinion on if I would purchase it though.


And last but not least

Take it all off – Genius eye makeup remover

What it is 

• Organic Cornflower water soothes skin and clarifies complexion.

• Flax Flower Extract, cultivated in the Swiss Alps, is a calming, soothing anti-oxidant.

• Veronica Extract soothes and softens skin and enhances the skin’s natural process of regeneration.

• Paraben-free

My thoughts 

Removes ALL EYE MAKEUP – I use waterproof mascara every day – It removes it gently with a cotton pad

Relaxing scent

Would I purchase it ?

The Bottle is too small for me to fully formulate an opinion



I think this is a fabulous way to get to Know Charlotte’s skincare

It’s so well put together – It’s Glam – It’s perfect for travel !

Will I be using every product Up ?


Every product included leads me to want MORE

and this is indeed part of the Tilbury Magic !!!!!

What do You guys think ?

All love



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*PR Sample Included, as always these are my Views



  1. The Goddess Skin Clay Mask sounds amazing! Frangipani Flower is a funny name… say it out loud!
    I haven’t tried the famous Magic Cream – I should get a sample or try it at the counter…
    Whoa, that’s a bold statement about the Wonder Glow primer! Now I really need to try it. I haven’t heard about that product at ALL.
    What a fabulous set to try a bunch of products! That pouch with the lips all over is so YOU.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. get a sample of the magic cream – !!! for realz
      and the wonder glow
      every day – i have two travel sizes now only a tad
      Italian Flowers – i say it LOUD
      Check it out at Nordstrom – or we go to Holts together – the ladies are really sweet there xx
      I would like to dive in the supermodel body more
      check the big tube – very very smart xxx


  2. Wow, everything sounds divine and the bag is gorgeous!!! Such a wonderful review, makes me want to purchase this!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. it’s realllly good and I am so picky with primers
      I think she is really magical when she comes to light diffusing on the skin
      gives a really angelic kinda subtle glow
      you know xo >>>
      Love xo
      Cat xx

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