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Happy Friday Lovelies !!!!

Giveaway done and received for March Yay !

Fashion Week in Toronto next week

so much coming up!

Today I wanted to talk about- yes you guessed it – ANGEL -by Thierry Mugler

Angel – Glamorama – Limited Edition 


Angel – Eau Sucreé – Limited Edition 

The First Angel was created in 1992 and I remember totally going crazy for it. It was the first “gourmand” fragrance I had tried and as someone who loved perfume WAY too early in life, I think I used up a whole bottle up in about 6 weeks. I used to Liberally – I mean Liberally spray myself with my mom’s PARIS by YSL and all her perfumes- sorry Mom.

MyLipaddiction angel 1

Mugler Has said about Angel

“I always wanted to make a perfume which would have the same resonance for everyone…and I wanted there to be such a sensual contact with this perfume, that you almost feel like devouring the person you love,”

I love the way He just says it like it is!

Mugler’s Fashion House – YES i am In Love – Goes hand in hand with his scents

Powerful, seductive and always alluring

Now there is a Creative individual I would adore meeting!

I won Angel Glamorama from Dave Lackie in the late Fall of 2015

and seriously It was difficult to NOT wear everyday!

The bottle itself is like a universe of stars on a star, and it’s refillable

Angel Eau Sucrée, which I received at the taping of Cityline Fashion Friday 

is perfect for Spring!

2 versions for 2 seasons!

Much Lighter, Always Gourmand but with a softer less potent sweetness.

Angel MyLipaddiction.com 2

I am really intrigued further now and want to try more Angels!

To Say That Mugler is a genius is an understatement, the whole feel of what He does is indeed bedazzling in every way possible.

Thanks for dropping by and have a wonderful weekend

*these products were gratis but as always these are my opinions and this is not a sponsored post

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