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These Beauties Deserve their very own post .

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They really do.

First of All – I really believe that Beauty is the highest of all art forms. I mean, when I see a flower in Bloom – I swoon. When I see a Gorgeous sunset – I melt. Maybe This is how I started to appreciate beauty – Through Nature. All my life I have been so appreciative of all the beauty around me.Beauty has Inspired me in so many ways: in my art, in my music and just my day to day life.

From Guerlain’s Website

“Born of expert craftsmanship, this cult constellation of multi-coloured powder pearls with an unforgettable violet fragrance created in 1987 is now available in an unprecedented harmony dedicated to Blanc de Perle. Today, the Météorites hold the secret to Stardust technology – a light-creating polymer, which transforms light invisible to the naked eye into a pure and endless glow on the skin. A subtle blend of matte, rosy and radiant blue-toned white pearls, combined with corrective coloured pearls – yellow to counter redness, pink for freshness and mauve to catch the light – they light up the face in an illuminating and corrective halo to give endless radiance.”

Having had these for about 10 days and just swooning – yes I used that word already -! These pearls have this affect! The scent of violets lingers and lingers and it’s quite mesmerizing: Intoxicating if you will.

Up close with these beauties.


How To apply –

Use a big fluffy brush and swirl and tap off any excess – back into the GORGEOUS ornately designed tin. Apply all over – in my opinion!!!!! For a super luminous glow. I view this as a setting powder but I have heard others use it for intense highlighting or strobing. I wouldn’t want to use them that way. I think these are really genius and If You think about it – 1987! Wow – Way ahead of their time.



These will last me forever

So very Beautiful!

les météorites de Guerlain MyLipaddiction.com


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*This product was Gratis but as always these are my personal opinions and this is not a sponsored post

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  1. I know the effect is subtle but I love these pearl beauties! The own 4 of these now and I can’t get enough (I’ll likely never finish one of these but whatever). Isn’t the scent so intoxicating? They used to sell a perfume in this scent but of course it’s discontinued!

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  2. I’ve had my eye on these forever!!! It’s cool that you like it as a finishing powder! Every time I wanted to buy these I didn’t because I thought they would only be good for highlighting and would expire before I got to use them. I’m down if they work as a finishing powder. Lol

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    1. well it’s all about how u wanna use them right ?? xxxx they have the feeling of a setting powder that kinda does it all – colour corrects and illuminates and the scent – as the last thing you put on your FACE = yes xxxxx but hey it’s make up so You can use it whatever way You like xoxoxo

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  3. Absolutely love this post!!! Guerlain’s Meteorites are one of my favs as well! Soooo pretty and gives the most beautiful finish. Xoxo I always come back to this post because I love your shots of the product hehe xoxo

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    1. Oh Hello ….
      Long time ….. Lol xoxoxoxoxxoxoxox
      and the scent of VIOLETS ….
      come ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      It’s Gonna be the brightest new year EVER XO


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