Guerlain L’Or Pure Radiance Face Primer – A Review –

Hello Beauties!  Today I have a review on a product that is More than Luxurious.

Guerlain is from France and I am really fascinated by them. Their History & Heritage are pretty bedazzling. You can read about it Here.

My Favourite product from Guerlain is


Before the Giant Highlighting/ Strobing trend appeared…

Way before ….

Let’s go back to 1987!

The gorgeous pearls that smell like the most beautiful violets were born.

Guerlain is clearly ahead in the beauty industry.

Now let’s talk about this !

Guerlain L’Or


From Their Website

Guerlain l’Or is an embellishing make-up base sprinkled with pure 24-carat gold flakes. Like the most luxurious jewellery pieces, the precious flakes were crafted into ultra-sparkling and ultra-reflective particles, then dispersed in a hydrating smoothing gel. The complexion is beautified. It glows with divine and unfailing radiance. Skin is smooth, supple and satiny, ready for perfect, enhanced and long-lasting make-up.

My thoughts….

What is Not to love!

Pure Gold in a primer that enhances Your complexion and adds such a nuanced finish to the skin.

Yes !

Here is what It looks like with one tiny pump.


Once smoothed out, the flecks of gold disperse leaving You with Glowing skin ready for makeup application.

You can also mix a few drops into your foundation for more luminosity.

Another way I plan on using it is around my collarbone and shoulders for Christmas party Season!

It’s Multipurpose Beauty – I love that !


I always use the hashtag #BeautyIsArt on Instagram because I really believe it is!

 This is perfect for the Holidays coming up!

Have You tried any of the amazing beauty that is Guerlain?  I would love to know!

As always thanks for stopping by !


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*This product was complimentary and was received so kindly at Cityline Beauty, Hosted by Dave Lackie. As always these are my thoughts and opinions.




  1. I’ve been curious about this! I’ve heard great things about how lovely it is. 💫
    Guerlain is a brand that I’ve dabbled in and my favourites have been the foundation, BB cream and lipstick! 😉

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