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Happy Thursday Beauties !

Before I get into my post for today – I would like to remind you that I am currently compiling a list of Beauty bloggers that want to be featured! So please contact me HERE.  Yes ? Good!!! Also a lovely reminder that if You’d like to join the beauty community that BestDayBlogger – Maria and I put together, Please Do HERE.  It’s a work in progress and I believe it’s going to be a wonderful place to share, discuss and post your own work!  YAY!

So Onto Today’s post!

I got an invite from MONDOR a few weeks ago to come and see their show at Toronto Fashion Week. I have never gone to school for journalism for that matter, so I was quite surprised that they found me. This is one of the great things about beauty blogging, You never know who is looking at Your work.

I do have an interest in “Leggy Stuff”. By That I mean that when it comes to fashion and clothing I always have gravitated towards what I wear below the waist the most. Sounds funny right?  No Not really ! When You really like one of your own features – You should always show it off ! Be Proud and confident and strut your stuff.

a short bio on MONDOR

Mondor Ltd was founded in 1955 by Mr. Roger Deslauriers to manufacture nylon stockings in the current plant located in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec, Canada. The company transitioned its business model in the early 1960’s to the tights’ business. A few years later, the company expanded into body fashions with garments designed for the classical and modern dance segments. Since its inception, the company has enjoyed steady growth. This was made possible by designing a wide range of products for all its product lines and by increasing its distribution across Canada, U.S.A. & Europe. Mondor is now a top ranked competitor in the performance Dance and Figure Skating legwear market. …
Now let’s get into the show!
TFW invite
Front row and centre ! “B” Stands for ???? Blogger
Onto the show
tfw 1
Loving That skirt !
Loving all that focus on LEGS.  The leggings above are something I would definitely wear. Sexy and sporty at the same time.
Beauty wise – the models had a very polished yet natural look. Lots of sleek ponytails and a very neutral eye and lip.
Skin was dewy and makeup was minimalist.
On a side note – The models didn’t look too thin. Having modelled before – I know how the fashion industry has changed and how – yes – to show off the clothing  best – certain dimensions of the female form work. I was really happy to see a less bony look !
It was a fun show!
Loving those legggggy looks a lot.
Some Beauty brands were also there.
I got to take home some skincare of theirs to try.
SWAROVSKI was also there and they gave me a rose gold crystal bracelet which I will show you beauties on a later date.
I will be posting more photos on my Instagram account – HERE
So keep an eye out!
It was a ton of fun and I look forward to writing more about fashion, as it is one of my Big passions!
Thanks To the MONDOR Team for the invite and see You lovelies soon !


    1. Thanks xxxxxxxxxxx ❤ yeah i had fun and would totally wear all the leg looks 😉 xxxxx glad u wrote me for a feature xxxx write me when u get home and we can set it up xxx
      best xxx C

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  1. Oh wow what an awesome invite! I loveee the leggings third picture down with the mesh cutout. Looks like you had a blast 🙂 Love living vicariously through you hehe

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  2. That’s amazing Cat! Front row and centre!!! ❤ This is right up your alley! 😉 Yes, models look healthy and FRESH – love that!
    Oooh can't wait to see the Swarovski bracelet you received!

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    1. nice right ??>> xxxxx yeah it was fun – i snapped so many pics omg – time for a real camera me thinky – not just a PHONE xxxxxxxx write me for a FEATURE ASAP XXX #orelse Lol

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      1. Well your phone camera must be good because the pictures looked great to me!!
        I emailed you cause I’m scared of #orelse. Lol and I can’t wait 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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