#ShareBeauty Dave Lackie & Shiseido Canada VIP Event – March 30th – MyLipaddiction.com

Happpppy Tuesday Loveys!

How excited am I – well Generally I am always excited !!! There are always about 10 gazillion reasons to be grateful!

Last Night I found out that I am on the VIP list for Dave Lackie’s  Shiseido Canada #ShareBeauty event on the 30th!

So AMAZING – Thank You Dave!

It’s for Their New Campaign – #ShareBeauty and I have a teeny idea of what – SHARE BEAUTY means ! I can tell it’s conceptually beautiful, and that just raises the excitement factor even more!

I learned so much about Shiseido in December 2015 and You can read about it HERE.

Going to these events is really like being a Beauty Editor for a night – Hello – DREAM Career!

You get To learn about product launches and the science behind the beauty.

That and so much more!

These events are always VERY interactive

and so YES of course I will be tweeting like crazy – AS USUAL

Dave Draws for prizes and the energy is incredible.

I have found myself making wonderful friends from all over the world because of these events!


#ShareBeauty MyLipaddiction.com

#Sharebeauty MyLipaddiction.com 2

My Shiseido Favourites !

I can’t wait until the 30th !

I am getting my #twitterstrength up Lol – I tend to tweet all Night!

Follow Dave on Twitter as He will also be going to Vancouver to Share – #ShareBeauty as well!

Lots of fun


Until Next Time !!!!!!



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*this product was gratis – this is not a sponsored post. I am an enthusiastic Beauty blogger and wanted to share – #ShareBeauty !


  1. I’ve always love Shiseido since forever.. It’s probably my very first toner that I’ve tried in my entire existence and they are good.. Then the rest is history.. My HG is their powder foundation that I carry with me everywhere I go.. I don’t use it as foundation but instead I use it to cover spots that is visible to the world.. They are such an amazing brand and the quality is superb!😍

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  2. Oh man, ANOTHER Shiseido event! I’m so envious!
    So awesome you are BFF with Dave Lackie! 😉
    As you know, Shiseido is one of my favourite brands so I look forward to your tweets on the event! 😀

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    1. u are gonna be on twitter YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU !!!!!!!!! i know i know – i am learning so much about skin – like as we speak ………. I know how much you love them – #loveyou xxxx

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  3. Amazing! Congrats on the invite…it’s sure to be an event filled with great people and products! Can’t wait to see your post & pics!
    Happy Easter 🐰

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