March Favourites – Happy Long Easter Weekend !

Happppy Long Weekend Beauties! Happy Easter if You Celebrate it!

March Faves already because I am Going into a super busy time – YAY!

After This post – The next time I will be writing is after the #ShareBeauty Shiseido Event !

Stay Tuned on Wednesday the 30th – For Loads of Twitter Fun !

Favourites for March are Minimal and Luxurious.

Let’s get into It !

March Favourites

Beauty Mascara Hypnôse Drama Hudson s Bay

Always on the hunt for a mascara that will Give me Volume and length – I think I have found it When they say “DRAMA” – They mean it!  Everything from the wand to the whole design and formula is perfect.  I do not leave the house without it, as it adds an Awakened look even if you have not slept VERY well . In Love!


This serum is Genius. I have been using it for about a month and I have seen dramatic improvement in the way my skin retains moisture. I apply a few drops after cleansing and toning- and right before my night cream and wow!

“Promotes a natural nighttime purification process” – Yes I totally agree! Think about how much our skin goes through in one day. That’s why sleep and good serums are important.  Your skin does what It needs to do whilst You sleep.

CHLOÉ My Little Chloe eau De Parfum

“The heart is a bouquet of florals composed of peony, lychee and freesia, and refreshing notes of rose, magnolia and lily of the valley, whilst amber and cedar wood are at the base.”

Smells Like a Gorgeous Spring Day!  I definitely smell the peony and rose the most and It’s Light and is an invigorating scent. Truly In Love! And I am a Perfume maniac – so this means a lot!

I also Love the size of the bottle and the ribbon. So Feminine and so very pretty and classic.

And last but not least


#29 Purple amethyst/ tawny brown

No Swatches – sorry – This is too precious!  I have used the Tawny brown the most. Hugely pigmented and You only need a bit. YSL is becoming an obsession. I am not an eyeshadow queen. I love Liner and lots of mascara. This is the first little combination I have truly loved. The brown is perfect for my blue eyes and Hopefully I never run out !

So That’s It !

Wishing You and Your Families a wonderful weekend!!!!!

See You After the Shiseido Party !


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*These products were Gratis but as always these are my honest views



  1. I’ve heard so much awesome reviews about the Lancome hypnose mascara and when it’s from Lancome well, no questions asked right? And that Chloe bottle is just pretty.. And fun fact, Chloe perfume was my very first perfume thay I own when I was young (aside from colognes and mists) and since then I always adore that name and wanted to change my name to Chloe until Chloe Kardashian ruined it for me.. Hahahah

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    1. ❤ ? Yeah ? xxxxxxxxx Yeah my skin is Happier for it – i really like the science of it – you know how much i love skincare –
      Happy Easter to You and Yours xo


  2. The YSL duo look gorgeous! I’ve not tried their eye shadows – the colour combination is very interesting.
    The brush on that Lancome mascara looks so FLUFFY and full – I bet it gives amazing volume!
    Have a great long weekend! 🙂

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  3. I’m so in love with my Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair, I got a sample not too long ago and have been using it sparingly so it doesn’t finish so quickly! I found the Lancôme flaked on me, but it does make your eyelashes look pretty darn dramatic!

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  4. They all sound like amazing products. The perfume sounds “perfect”. I love all the information you share. I hope you have fun and stay safe. xoxo

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