#ShareBeauty Dave Lackie’s Shiseido Canada VIP Event ! MyLipaddiction.com

Happy Weekend Beauties!

Wednesday the 30th of March was one of the most poignant evenings of my life.


First of All, Thank You to Dave Lackie for having me there and to Elaine Shigeishi – General Manager of Shiseido Canada for Hosting such a heart opening evening.

This was – IS- the most meaningful event I have ever gone to

Why is this ?

Well,  This will Move hearts Globally, instilling a pay it forward feel to all that encounter it.

Great Concepts move very quickly and I have always believed that kindness makes more kindness.  It’s The truth to me.

We Arrived at The Thompson Hotel

Hello View !

the View MyLipaddiction.com

We Mingled – So many amazing hearts that Night !

I had some Lovely wine but to me – this night was not about Location, food or anything material.

This night was about Feeling.

I was overwhelmed with the sheer beauty of the #ShareBeauty Campaign

mylipaddiction.com popcorn and love

Yes that is Popcorn!

We were seated in a private screening room

I call it the University of Love – wink .

Screening room #ShareBeauty Mylipaddiction.com

we had a beautiful picnic style meal – which unfortunately – I took no photos of !

I was way too excited to Know what was going to be shown to us.

screen #shareBeauty

Yes This is such an important message and there was more that I didn’t capture.

Beauty is being emotionally touched – Beauty is closeness, Beauty is kindness

Beauty is being You

There was no mention after the films of Physicality.

None .


How do we #ShareBeauty 

#Sharebeauty placemat mylipaddiction.com

Encouraged to share our feelings there were placemats to write on.

And even more moving – ! Imagine that – More moving !

We were Given envelopes with a sample of their beautiful Ultimune serum – which I have talked

at length on my beautyblog &

A Little card to send to someone special

card mylipaddiction.com

and the very best thing is – You can do this for someone you think is lovely  at any Shiseido Counter at Hudson’s Bay 

Included is free postage and just wow !

Elaine, Her Team and Dave Lackie are going to Vancouver this week coming up to Share – #ShareBeauty with Beautybloggers on the other side of the country! Amazing …

I Believe this will be a Global movement.

I have never seen anything like this in the beauty industry and I watch what happens closely.

To Articulate feelings of Beauty outwards is indeed miraculous.

We Were Given envelopes!

One I sent that Night to my Mom in Ottawa and I know who I am sending the second one to!

Beautiful Maria wrote on a placemat and gifted me her words

I really am still moved by Wednesday Night –

And so with that I will leave what we received in full detail for a post to come soon

I just opened the bag this morning and It’s been a really hectic week.

So expect that post shortly

A Shout out to

 Irresistible Me

For sending me amazing clip in hair extensions

I wore them that Night in a braid and I adore!

cat forsley mylipaddiction.com

And the Biggest Thanks To Dave Lackie 

This was my 2nd Invite to a Shiseido event.

ThankIng You Dave as You connect hearts and really are my mentor.

Thank You all for Dropping by

And If You have the opportunity to share Your heart on whatever scale – Do It!

It will always make a difference and as I have said before

No Kindness is ever Lost ….

Every kind thing You do for someone MEANS Something!



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  1. I am so happy you were able attend and I get to hear alll about it, I got goose bumps! It is a beautiful campaign and you are a beautiful lady. #ShareBeauty! I also love all the insight on Dave Lackie, he is amazing! xoxoxo

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    1. He is – Shiseido is – very meaningful campaign that will really move people Globally – Beauty is indeed how we FEEL – and this is beyond any physicality …….
      Lots of Love xo C


  2. I watched the video before reading and I too noticed no mention of physicality before you mentioned it. It’s raw and innovative and I can’t think of any other brand taking this emotional approach at the moment. You were a perfect match for this event for various reasons but the one that stands out is beauty inside and out! BTW you looked lovely and the braid was perfect!
    Looking forward to your post on the goodies!

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  3. Sweet Cat! What a beautiful blog post and very heartfelt! Thank you for all the love and support you give to everyone! Thank you for mentioning me and thank you for being amazing. You are wonderful and beautiful inside and out! 🙂 big hugs!

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  4. An amazing post Cat! You managed to encompass everything that the Wonderful Dave Lackie and his Host Elaine Shigeishi wanted to impart to us and all of Shiseido’s followers!
    It was so emotional that I had to take a few extra minutes in the ladies room to compose myself! I made fast friends with everyone and can’t wait to follow each and everyone one of you!
    I too sent my #sharebeauty envelope out the very next morning and have already received an overwhelming response!
    So very nice to meet you and hope to see you soon. Much Iove and Happiness! 💜💜💋🤗

    JustG or Justagail

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