#SparkleWithJoy -Dave Lackie’s Shiseido Canada VIP Dinner🌟

Tuesday Night was just Gorgeous!

I would have to say that it’s in my top 3 nights of 2015!

This is going to be a two part piece because I have so much to recap and so much to share!

First of all – A mega huge Thank You to Dave Lackie and Shiseido Canada for hosting such an elegant and warm evening.

It’s Truly a wonderful thing to be surrounded by what You love – It Brings out the natural shine we all have inside: and I definitely felt that shine and sparkle.

I Got to sit next to Elaine Shigeishi, Vice President of Shiseido Canada!  I learned so much as she radiates warmth and an authentic love for what she does !  Inspiring !!!!!!

President Mr. Hitoshi Okamoto was there too!  Having Lived in Asia when I was a child, I quickly remembered some Japanese.

Beautiful human beings: exuding a kind of charisma and brilliance….that really captivated me.

Elaine Shigeishi, Mylipaddiction.com
Elaine Shigeishi centre – myself on the right !
 Mr. Hitoshi Okamoto
Mr. Hitoshi Okamoto

Shiseido is all about “Core Values” – and I believe that their mission statement really exudes and extends itself outwards- onto everything they do.

The Decor and everything about the evening was stunning.


I think I will talk about the products another time, but here is a little peek !

Dave Lackie Shiseido Canada Cat Forsley ©
Dave Lackie Shiseido Canada Cat Forsley ©

The Oh so very Yummy food catered by Oliver Bonacini !

cat forsley ©
Dave Lackie & Mr. Hitoshi Okamoto


If You Follow me on twitter – You can see that the party was worldwide and we were tweeting to friends everywhere! I loved the interactive factor of the evening – One of the very best parts!


I will have more for you beauties in the next few days, as I am still going through my photos and videos !

And wait til You see what we received !!!!!

I will definitely talk about all the products next !!!!

Have a beautiful day !!!!!!


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  1. I agree 100 percent with what you have said Cat. It was a spectacular night. I too loved having the opportunity to talk with lovely Elaine, Hitoshi and the rest of the staff. We talked not just about products but the culture behind Shiseido, their mission statement and motto. I get it!! This company is fabulous all round.!!

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  2. Congrats on the invite! This event sounds like it was a blast- super jealous! Thanks for always sharing your thoughts on awesome products. I love your style and I really trust your taste in things. Sending good vibes your way! ❤


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