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#AngelMuse MyLipaddiction.com

Hello Beauties !

Last Night was more than incredible!

All of yesterday really as Celebrity make up artist Nina Westbury was in Toronto!

Today I am Going to show You Dave Lackie’s event for #AngelMuse- A delicious new fragrance by Mugler.

Angel has been my favourite fragrance since 1992 and so I was Extra excited to be invited!

Thank You Dave!

Here are some – Just some of the photos I took –

I will write about the Fragrance and what we received this weekend !

#AngelMuse1 MyLipAddiction.com

It was held on Bay street at the Arcadian Court- Stunning!

The lovely Mugler team greeted us- Everyone was ALL SMILES last night!

#AngelMuse2 MyLipAddiction.com

a summery signature cocktail to start the evening and #AngelMuse everywhere!

Hello Heaven!

Mugler Fashion

#AngelMuse 8 MyLipaddiction.com

Did I already say hello Heaven !

Such amazing lines, structure and strength !

There is nothing I would not wear of Mugler’s- Yes I Know that’s a double negative !

Seriously So very beautiful

#AngelMuse 3 MyLipAddiction.com

After attending Toronto Fashion Week, a few months ago- I’m sensing that my beautyblog is going to evolve – This Dress reminded me of this fact !

The Elegant Table setting !

#AngelMuse 4 MyLipaddiction.com

Those flowers came home with me ! #Inlove

Dave and Nina and so many lovely guests

#AngelMuse 7 MyLipaddiction.com

Skipping right to dessert !!!!!!

#AngelMuse 5 MyLipaddiction.com

Again, My Favourite part of these AMAZING events is that they are interactive and when I say Interactive – I really mean it !

I was tweeting to people in Scotland and Greece –

Dave’s events are WORLDWIDE!

#AngelMuse9 MyLipAddiction.com

and of course there are always the wonderful pure silly moments !

#AngelMuse10 mylipaddiction.com

I was Obviously mesmerized by something in my cocktail – Nice one Dave !


And the uber silly ! no comments needed !

Such a beautiful evening – Reconnected with so many lovely beauty bloggers

and amazing memories were made!

#AngelMuse12 MyLipaddiction.com

This is what we all took home and I will get more into that tomorrow !

Thank You ever so much to Dave Lackie, The Mugler team and all the amazing beauty bloggers that were there and following along with us on Twitter !

The Party is still going on !

See You this Weekend



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  1. Love this! Great post darling xoxo The fashion was also so stunning!! What a fun night, so happy I got to share it with you!! ❤ xoxo can't wait to read part 2 tomorrow! #soulsisters #universityoflove

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  2. Sounds like such a good night so happy for you. Love all the photos. Looking forward to your future post. xo @JustGinaJoan

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve been loving all your posts love! Beautiful photos and documentation. Lovely! Looks like you had a wonderful time! That Dave! He spoils people. 😀 He is an Angel! You are wonderful Cat and have a lovely weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know he does ! The Original ANGEL = Dave Lackie and he connects passionate people xxx LOVETHAT about Him xxxxxxx Hope Ur having a great weekend 🙂 xx


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