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Hi BeYoutifulls – Today I have a 2 in one post ….

Two different products – but they are the same as they are LIP BALMS and the cuteness and sweetness level are way up there!

First of All Burt’s Bees We Love Every Flavour   

Rainbow Pride Lip Balm Pack, Six Balms

I just Love Burt’s Bees and have written about them before Here 

Burt’s Bees believes that there is room for everyone in our hive. Whether you love Strawberry, Wild Cherry, or our Classic Beeswax, we love every flavour! After all, Love is Natural! #UncapLove

6 moisturizing lip balm flavours:
• Beeswax with Vitamin E & Peppermint
• Strawberry
• Vanilla Bean
• Honey
• Wild Cherry Lip Balm
• Coconut & Pear

I like them all and cannot “pick” a Favourite flavour and I really think that’s the whole point of his collection …

They are crazy amazing amounts of Moisture and the packaging is adorable –

COLOURFUL BEAUTY – Totally my thing!

Also Very Childlike …



Which Leads me to these!

Spider-man 6 Piece Lip Balm Tin 

Enjoy Spider-man-inspired Lip Smacker lip balms with a cool collectible tin! These six flavor-packed lip balms will give your lips a boost of super flavors and leave your Spidey-senses tingling. And of course, keep your lips moisturized while you bring out the super hero in YOU! Featured flavors: Super Strawberry, Scientific Blueberry, Radioactive Lemon, Crime Fighting Cherry, Ultimate Cinnamon, Vanilla Frosted Web.

My Faves are Vanilla Frosted web

and Scientific Blueberry

These are to celebrate the newest Spider-man Movie coming to theatres July 7th ..

Loving the tin and my son has already stolen these from me!

These will be available past July in select Walmarts & Loblaws

Have a Great one guys and as aways thanks for dropping by ,…

These are super cute

super whimsical and again childlike


All love


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*This post contains pr samples for review – as aways all views are my own



  1. Such a colourful post!!! 😀
    Love the rainbow coloured lids on the Burt’s Bees – makes them easy to distinguish them. I’m super curious to smell the Coconut & Pear one!

    The LipSmakers are SO MUCH FUN! LipSmakers will always have a special place in my heart! The name of those flavours are hilarous: Radioactive Lemon and Scientific Blueberry! 😆

    Liked by 1 person

      but who knows
      have no idea where he put them
      coconut pear is very light – nothing BURTS is heavy right so
      it’s like a fruity cocktail


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