SISLEY PARIS – Black Rose Cream Mask – Serious Luxury –

Hi Again !!!!

Enter one of the most luxurious products I have ever tried and love!

SISLEY PARIS – Black Rose Cream Mask 

This is ONE FACE MASK that is highly coveted all over the World …


At 2.1 OZ. and 200.00 CAD This has to be the most expensive I have ever used.

Does Price Equal Results?  Not always but in this case – YES!

From Sisley’s Website

My Thoughts on This

This is an INSTANT RESULT mask! By Instant – I mean 15 Minutes. Exactly the time I leave it on for.

My skin Looks immediately REFRESHED AND PLUMPED UP

I really notice it around my cheeks and forehead.

The above ingredients are awesome and suit my sensitive OH SO WELL

With a Gorgeous Natural rose scent and a texture that is so lovely on the face.


After I Squeezed that dollop out I put it on my face immediately. There is No WASTING this GEM!

I am NOT a scientist but the Ingredients that REALLY make a giant difference here for me are

Red Vine – Resveratrol  – WE ALL KNOW the benefits of this…

Personally – My skin adores it.

Provitamin B5 -THIS is what I believe gives Instant Glow and smoothness .

“Instant Of Youth” – as SISLEY Calls it!

Chlorella -Which is algae- is RICH in B Vitamins, amino acids & Biotin

This is Like a Vitamin cocktail for the skin

You know when you drink a healthy cold pressed juice – Know the great feeling you get right after it hits your bloodstream? This is How I would Mirror the effect for the skin.

Apply to face and neck – avoid eyes and lips – Leave on for 15 minutes – then remove any excess ..


TADA –SISLEY mylipaddiction

Sisley Paris

Would I Purchase This …?

The price tag seems weighty but YES..

Try a sample and You will definitely see what I mean.

Have You tried anything SISLEY?

SISLEY PARIS is available at Holt Renfrew 




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*This Post contains a PR Sample but as always the opinions are mine and mine alone



  1. WOW! I love your reference to it feeling like after you drink a healthy juice, that’s the best feeling! I may have to try this. Sometimes masks irritate my skin, but from the sounds of the ingredients and how soft and good it is on sensitive skin- I’m so intrigued 🙂

    Great post xoxo

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  2. This is so luxurious – crazy… resveratrol is GOOD! 😉
    Yes, I’ve tried Sisley skincare – they’re nice but I can’t bring myself to fork over the $$ all the time!

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    1. yes weighty price tag for realz
      I will prob have this for a year
      resveratrol is Now my fave ingredient
      and drinking wine is not so bad either xxxx LOL


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