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It’s August 6th and yes I am a tiny bit late in doing this.

I Blame it on having a really amazing summer!

Less than 2 Days left to enter my August Giveaway Loves! So If You haven’t entered already and you subscribe to my site then Go ahead if You want To. The Giveaway post is HERE.  Next Month my giveaway will be in the middle of September, as I will be getting settled in, after my move – So Enter or Share – Whatever you Like.

Make up wise, This summer has been all about a very minimalist look. Toronto has had the most gorgeous weather!!!!  Clothing wise -well I am not a minimalist !  That’s a whole other post/topic. I’ll be talking more about fashion in the fall.

So Here are My Favourites for July 2015

MylipAddiction,com July Faves
MylipAddiction,com July Faves

I am In Love with this Book -Truly -Madly- Deeply.

I learned so much about SO MUCH – And the very best thing about that – Is To realize – I have so MUCH to learn! Make sense ?!

Here is my VERY Favourite chapter


Sea Glass makes a great bookmark!

This chapter in particular spoke to me. I am a Naturally High energy kind of woman. I do meditate and have done for years. I Practice Yoga, I walk everywhere. This chapter reminded me to calm down More. Social media and all that is for 9-5. After that – I pretty much shut everything down. I turn my phone off at 10, unless I am out – Obviously! and I don’t respond to emails past 5pm. This Chapter reminded me that – My Time is My time. It’s all about balance really, and This book has taught me more about integrating MORE balance and making Cat time a Serious Priority.

Minimalist Face cream which I talked about HERE – is not only a July Favourite. It’s a Forever Favourite. For sensitive skin like mine – It’s perfection. Enough Said!

 Pure + Simple Flawless Complexion in the shade Biscotti 

This BB cream matches my skin perfectly!  I don’t like heavy foundations and never have. I always feel like my skin is not breathing if I wear something heavy.

It’s so Difficult to find something that has broad spectrum SPF, is naturally based and Matches!

Well I am super happy I don’t have to hunt down foundations any more.

This one is perfect for me

Here is a Swatch from their site.


It’s perfect !

Although I did receive the above products Gratis * These are my views.

Onwards to more Favourites of July!

 Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer 

Smells delicious. Easy To wear -I don’t need much, perfect with a bb cream for a very natural look. I can add more if I want to contour my cheekbones, but really this summer has been and continues to be all about Light on my face – No sharp edges. A natural Look. Of course I love Too Faced as they are Vegan and their packaging always makes me smile. Uber Girly!

Bobbi Brown Beach Fragrance 

This scent is pure summer in a rollerball. The funny thing is – (and this could totally be my nose), I find that it smells better and better as the day goes by. It smells warmer and warmer – which I adore. It smells Like a day at the beach.  Jasmine, Sea spray and mandarin. I will be wearing this throughout winter – To remind me of Summer – My favourite season.

And lastly two lippies that I have been wearing a Ton !

Here are the Swatches


Aria a lovely magenta plum


Rosa a Yummy bubblegum pink

Rosa is great for daytime summer lips and lasts and lasts and Aria is perfect for evening.

I find that Rosa lasts longer on my Lips and I don’t know why that is. I do apply them with a lip brush to get precise application, because If I mess up – It takes forever to take off .

So Thats it for now loves!

Thanks for stopping by!!!!!




  1. jodi - a brash attitude

    I’m the same as you, my skin feels like it is suffocating if I wear foundation – a bb or cc cream is as close as I can get to foundation.
    Those liquid lipsticks look so great!
    Hope you are having a great week love! xoxo

    1. Cat Forsley

      hi xoxoxoxo ur the same ? i KNEW IT XO
      my skin can’t breathe with the heavy stuff ……..and it feels gross – like it’s suffocating 🙂
      I am Sweet Jodi ! Hope u are Too xo
      ❤ ❤ Love xo

    1. Cat Forsley

      Hi xo I was gonna go for their lighter shade – i think it’s called “milk chocolate ” but i would rather use less and make it count u know ? it smells delicious ……….. You would would love it – I am having a love affair with Stila – i kinda had forgotten about them until a few months ago – with their summer line came a very happy cat 🙂 xoxoxoxxoxo MUAH XO

      1. Lauren

        Hey! Ooo thats a very interesting idea! I could totally dig a chocolate bronzer, yum! I haven’t even tried anything from Stila yet! They have a lot of products that look so good though!

        1. Cat Forsley

          it’s a good idea huh xxxx i thought so xxxxxx yeah Stila has some lovely products – there is only ONE i didn’t like and returned – It was a primer – and it made me very red xo and it was supposed to be a cooling primer xxx

                    1. Cat Forsley

                      blue eyes too — !!!!!!!!!! hmmm well can u guys order from Sephora in UK – i have no idea with their shipping stuff – Does Stila ship to UK – they must !!!!!!! if you have blue eyes – mine are medium blue – i would go for a pop of colour —————— if i have had a long night then blue – which cancels around red – makes them look more wide awake ………………… i could find you a dupe if u want – because i am the DUPE queen – i just never talk about it – HA XO lemme know xo

                    2. Lauren

                      Yeah I would love like a darker toned blue, it would look so pretty! I think I have to master my eyeliner skills though first haha! If I try the Stila one in black first and like it then I can try the other shades and if not I’ll be looking to you for a dupe haha!

                    3. Cat Forsley

                      listen you – i have NOT mastered eyeliner – in any way -i know like 4 people in REAL life that have – NOT YOUTUBE – lol ……
                      if u want my opinion – lemme know -xxxx because i always have ONE XO lol

                    4. Cat Forsley

                      You will – I know you will – really easy to work with – just tight line it in the beginning – AND TRY the BLUE – u can get a black from Boots or something – Lol – see i know your stores xxxxx it’s been a while since i have been to the uk – i think 2010 .. But I remember the awesome stores xxx

                    5. Lauren

                      I will try my best haha! I haven’t worn eyeliner in so long, I miss it 😦 Ooo you do know the stores haha! Yes I will get a black from Boots and try that out!

                    6. Cat Forsley

                      awwwwwwwww yeah xxxx Go for a cheapie and then go for a Nice one – and there are so many youtube videos on tightlining – it’s super natural ….. kinda in between the lashes – i don’t do wings or cat’s eyes – i like a louder mouth – so i keep my eyes simple xo

                    7. Lauren

                      Awesome! I have my Soap & Glory Supercat eyeliner just now that I can try and master the skills with! I’m a wing kinda gal when it comes to eyeliner!

                    8. Cat Forsley

                      as if ………. i am sure you are great ……. and i didn’t mean to sound like Bossy Cat – lol ….. I just realized how long our thread is ,….. I love it ……………

                    9. Lauren

                      Hahaha! Its okay I know you’re not Bossy Cat! Haha we always have the longest threads!! I still need a little practice and then I can maybe share!

                    10. Cat Forsley

                      We do and I love that – !!!!!!!!!!!!!! we have the same kind of EXCITEMENT LEVEL – High – 🙂 Lol ………. i love discussing things with you 🙂 Can’t wait to see your next post 🙂 WINK ….lol xo

                    11. Lauren

                      Hahaha! I know! Nothing wrong with being a bit excited over some makeup eh! Same, love a bit of beauty chatting! Hahaha I have a post tomorrow! Sadly not on eyeliner though haha!

                    12. Cat Forsley

                      i will make sure to check first thing – Today i am Getting all my emails – so LET’S HOPE to the YAHOO gods that tomorrow is good – It started on saturday on my giveaway day – which made me FRAZZZZZZLED CAT XO hence more relaxation xo

    1. Cat Forsley

      i will for sure lend you the book xoxoxoxoxxoxox when i see you next xo i got so much out of it ……….
      Aria is gorgeous – You remember how much i wanted “Rosa” You were with me and they were sold out -!
      It’s really Good and Bad to have a Sephora so close by ,,,, cuz all you have to do is call !!!!!!!
      Lol xo
      let me know if we are gonna meet up on Sunday or i will bring the book on Thursday for you (at sephora) ha xoxoxo
      MUAH XO C

  2. stashmatters

    Hey you changed your header image! Looks nice! 🙂
    I used to be really into Pure + Simple but there isn’t a location near me now so I’ve kind of forgotten about the brand – ooops! I used to get facials from them too.
    Ugh I really NEED to smell this BB Beach perfume. So many raves about this. I bet it’ll smell like an ashtray on me – things that smell good on other people just don’t seem to work with my chemistry for some reason.
    Great favourites list! Aug 6th isn’t too late, cuz um mine is going up tomorrow! 😀

    1. Cat Forsley

      hi xxxx thanks for noticing my new logo – LOVE IT XO their facials must be beautiful though ….. i am obviously in love with the minimalist line – i wish there was scratch and sniff tech love – seriously – i don’t think it would smell like an “ashtray ” HA – u crack me up so hard —————–Go take a sniff and lemme know what you think – i think it was one of the original perfumes to smell like THE BEACH – and now there are so many …. Too many and they smell really cheap You know ?
      Bobbi Brown’s smells AUTHENTIC BEACHY – smells REAL – if that makes sense ………… i will for sure check yours tomorrow xo

      1. stashmatters

        I looked up the notes on the BB Beach and it’s only got 4 notes listed: Jasmine, Mandarin Orange, sea water and sand. What does SAND smell like??? I’m shocked that coconut isn’t a note in this!

        1. Cat Forsley

          no coco smell ,…………. the new ones or FAKE BEACH ones have that suntan smell – like the old school tanning oils … without SPF lol …….. the sand is like Sandalwood – warmth ————– honestly i can’t smell too much of the mandarin – what i smell the most is Jasmine ———- which is warm warm – so if u dont like warm scents – don’t go for it – if you do – it would be perfect …. honestly can’t smell the citrus at all …. x

  3. thepinkimpact

    Great swatches of the Stila liquid lipsticks! Stila has such great products 🙂 I’ve tried their liquid eyeliner and it’s so wonderful! Yayyy for your July faves and raves!!!! 💗💋🎀

    1. Cat Forsley

      I do rave don’t i ……. PASSION for beauty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol …… i like Stila a lot …….. and the eyeliners are lovely for sure xo …. Thanks for dropping by Princess xo

  4. ABeautifulWhim

    Hey there! What’s your email?
    So, I totally LOVE that Bobbi Brown beach fragrance. It is the best for summer! You know i LOVE the Stila liquid lips and what’s interesting is those colors are available here. The red you have is kind of like my red (Fiery) but the other pink isn’t like ones we have. UNLESS, they just released something and I don’t know yet and now I know and have to go and get it?

    1. Cat Forsley

      HIYA !!!!!!!!! Aria is very diff than Fiery —— my bff has fiery and it’s RED – like seriously red …… Aria has way more purple / blue in it ……. makes white teeth super white – i sound like a commercial 🙂 Lol …………. ROSA ……. now here is the link for That colour – It came out for summer 2015 ……….. http://www.stilacosmetics.com/product/stay+all+day+liquid+lipstick+-+new+summer+shades.do u will love it – perfect candy bubblegum ….. and email is my email is alllovecat@yaoo.ca

          1. ABeautifulWhim

            Oh, I completely transport. I have no concept of time…. I don’t hear or see people… I get anxious for fear someone in my family (husband, kids) might come in and rush me along. It’s a total addiction. But hey… better this than prescription drugs, vodka or other hurtful things! It’s harmless except to the bank account. HEHEHEH

  5. dontchawannadream

    OhhhhCat, I read everything of this new blog post. And I loved it. Especially what you wrote about having your time. I think I need that too. And I should think about meditation more too! I always do many things at the same time all day long and… you know when you need a break! from social networks, stupid activities (Candy Crush) etc lol
    #inspiration #passionista #loveyou
    thanks so much again for the widget ❤ ❤ ❤ I love it so much.
    big hugssss

    1. Cat Forsley

      omg Cha cha it works ,…… lemme tell you – u know how hyper i can be …………. i’ll send you an email with the basics of ayurveda – i learned so much from this book – or you write me – BETTER IDEA – because then we can chatt – just from knowing you for so long xxx i would say you are a Pita and Vata – mix – i’s hard to explain here – but there are 3 “Doshas” xxxxxxxxxxx #ILOVEYOUTOOO – i put the widget on our board and it’s so perfect for you 🙂 You always inspire me to create ART and when i saw that balloon in the sky – and then saw your widget – i thought That balloon is very representative of how an Aquarian is ,……. Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ❤ this is like a book response .. Lol xxx Send me mail when ur free – I love you xo C

  6. plus+beauty27

    Lovely favorites! The Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer is a favorite of mine as well!! ❤ ❤ ❤ Le Love Le K! XO

          1. plus+beauty27

            Lol! You’re so le funny le C! I so glad it’s Le Friday too! Any fun plans for the le weekend? 🙂 Xo Le Love Le K ❤ ❤

            1. Cat Forsley

              It’s a big Le festival Le weekend x it’s called taste of the danforth x Greek festival x very Le fun and my Le BFF is coming for Le 4th Le I me this summer x and I close Le giveaway at Le 8 in the morning so just finished Le yoga and I just saw your Le post 💋Le beautiful 💋and I adore Lauren too 💋 giving you a big weekend hug and will see you after Le giveaway Le closes and Le love Le always 💋💋💋💋that was like a whole Le paragraph 😘

              1. plus+beauty27

                Ah Le C! Sounds like a lot of Le Fun! I hope you have a great time with your bff! You deserve it! ❤ I am going out to le lunch tomorrow at le Red Lobster with my boyfriend. So it will be nice to finally get out of le apartment! Tonight I think we're going to watch a le movie! 😀 Can't wait to see who wins your awesome le giveaway! Le Love! Le K! ❤ ❤ XOXO

    1. Cat Forsley

      Hi beauty xoxoxoxxoxo it’s amazing xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo actually perfect for light skin xxxx dont forget to enter my giveaway ok xxxxxx ❤ two posts down xo LOVE XO C

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