Bring The Beach Home!!!!

Happy Monday!

As I write this, It’s snowing outside! It’s cold out and I thought:

Wouldn’t it be great to be at the beach!

Yes everyone is thinking the same thing!  I don’t know many people that like Canadian winters.

So I was inspired to go through my beachy products, and create a little beauty edit. I picked 9 that I love. and bring that warm, by the sun feeling in.

Pret-a-surfer – Essie I am seriously doing my nails with this colour today! Such a gorgeous marine blue.

Pacifica Coconut Crushed Pearl Bronzing Butter – this is so subtle yet so warm and glowy!

LUSH Salted Coconut Hand Scrub  This stuff is addictive watch out !!!!!! It’s one of their newer scrubs and the scent alone is pretty divine.

BOBBI BROWN BEACH Rollerball which I had in my Favourites in July 2015-  is so warm and seductive it lingers forever and I am so into wearing summer fragrances in winter. I will never ever EVER follow the rules!

Benefit High Beam which I have had forever and is perfect to mix in with foundation or moisturizer for a serious lit from within glow

MAC Blush in Coppertone – a matte bronzey peach- so Good at warming up fair complexions.

LUSH Ocean Salt Face and Body scrub – I would never recommend using this on the face – the particles are just too large – But on the body it’s gorgeous. I don’t need to review it – Everyone else has! I love it – THAT IS ALL !

Stila – Art of the fine line in Midnight – super gorgeous and lasts forever. Again forget Rules! I love blue liner on everyone! And Spring is really showing a huge amount of it.  I won this from Hippy Lip, alongside with other colours and this one is my favourite!

And last but not least –


I am banishing all my dark toned lipsticks for now – This is the most gorgeous light pink – Not dusty or mauvey – just clear and springy!  I wrote about it in July 2015 and I am bringing back the light colours!

Hope You enjoyed this post!

I enjoyed putting it together!

Until next time xo



  1. Haha this is some wishful thinking! At least the sun is shining so I don’t mind the cold as much.
    Hmm that LUSH Salted Coconut Hand Scrub sounds divine!
    I’ve heard such good things about that Bobbi Brown Beach perfume. Hey I’m wearing a summer scent today too – I do what I want! 😀

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  2. NICE beach items!! I really need to get High Beam, I’ve been thinking about it forever! YAYYYY I am so excited that you included Stila in your beach favs!! You know blue is my least favorite…..maybe I need to forget the rules too. lol

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  3. Loving the blog design Cat! I’ve clearly missed out on your blog posts over the last while, time to catch up I think haha! All these products look so fab! The Stila liquid lipsticks sound so good! I so need to try them! Loving the look of those Lush bits too! Hope you’re doing well too 🙂

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    1. ❤ hiiiiiiiiiiii !!!! long time xxxx thanks love xoxoxoxxo yeah we have to catch uppppppppppppp
      bring on spring or rather summer !!!!!!!!!
      i think you love the stila rosa xxxx
      had it for a long time xoxoxo
      and of course the lush !!!!!!!
      salted coconut is kinda new over here xo and i love it xxx ❤


      1. Hello 🙂 I know its been too long! Oh I know! I really need Spring to hurry up especially seeing all the new spring releases! Exciting stuff 🙂 I will need to go have a little look at the Stila lipsticks! Yup I really want to try more stuff from Lush! I haven’t seen that hand scrub! Love the blue colour of Ocean Salt tho, dreamy stuff!

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        1. totally xxxx it’s amazing the ocean salt because it starts off white and gets a bit frothy and VERY OCEANIC xxxxxxx and then the blue when it’s wet !!!! so amazing xxxxx ❤ yeah go try xxxx
          the stila lasts a long long time !!!!!!!!!! need to take it off with a face oil xxx i have a darker one called "aria" too xxx but i banished it Lol xo

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