Back To School with Treasure Island Toys

Hi Beauties!! Happy Thursday!

11 Days til i am Out of here – Countdown is seriously on!

I have broken almost every nail … Nooooooooooo! I’m rocking the ripped up jeans look every day and mega messy hair OMG – So Looking forward to today. Gonna take a little Cat break and do some Girly stuff – Cannnot pack all day – Hello Balance!

So Today I have a super sweet post on a Toy store that I have lived close to for almost 5 years!

Treasure Island Toys

The owners: Lori and Katie run a pretty tight ship! Who doesn’t love toys – I love them and will not give them up. Never!

I Bought a tote bag from them about a month ago that says – “CAKE FOR BREAKFAST” and I had an idea to do a little feature on them. I Love love love writing about Toronto.

They have the cutest new stuff – Scented pillows, lip glosses that light up, two thousand kinds of markers – omg – if you are anything like me – I am always drawing something and – Scented Glitter markers – In Love – Adorable.

First of all – here is a little collage of photos I took in their store.

Cute Right?

The Cat pillows make me laugh so hard. They also have a lot of Tween beauty coming in- which I believe Should be used by “Grown Ups” as well. And By the way ….


I asked Katie some Questions about their store

Here are her answers.

Q- How long have you been in business together?

A- Lori and I were looking for a business opportunity on the Danforth when we heard the original owners (2 moms in the neighbourhood) were thinking of selling after 22 years. We thought it was a perfect fit so we purchased the store in March of 2010 a little over 5 years ago.

Q- When did you bring “tween beauty ” into Treasure Island. Where is The market Going with this?

A- We really started bringing “tween” products earlier this year. We saw some great products at the New York Toy Fair in February and knew it would be a good fit. There are so many fun tween products and it gives us another market to target in the store!

Q- What are the brands that You carry and where are they from?

A- We carry a few brands that appeal to the tween market. One of the biggest is Fashion Angels and Style Lab (which is part of Fashion Angels). There are also brands like IceScream and Alex.

Q- Do You find that “adults” are drawn to these products as well ?

A- Absolutely adults are drawn to these products as well! Lori and I both love them and so do our staff!

Q- What products do best in store and which do best on Your online store?

A-The facial products have begun to sell as well as the funky fun things like pillows and watches. Some hair products (hair tattoos) as well as sparkle tattoos sell well online.

*Here is what They gave me – cute cute cute !

Work In Progress Sugar Scrub – Pink Grapefruit 

Black Paper Sketchbook  which I already started drawing on- cute!

IScream Scented Squishems Sweet Pretzel – smells like Vanilla!

Style Lab Light Up Lip Gloss, Grape this is a Glow stick and a Lip gloss – come On!

Galaxy Writers Gel Pens Perfect for writing on black paper

and Lastly – I think my Favourite

Yummy Yummy Scented Glitter Gel Pens – One Can never have enough glitter.

12 of them – with scents from Coconut to Lime. (loveem)

Here are Lori and Katie – The cutest duo on the Danforth working some serious fun into Treasure Island Toys Daily!

Lori and Katie Treasure Island Toys

Hope You enjoyed the cuteness overload , and as always Thanks for dropping by!




        1. i need to get my brows done – forget nails – Lol – they will only break again ……. xxxx i am thinking sephora would be a lovely place to chill xxx wanna come with ? lol xo

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  1. Oh yesss, I do know this store! It’s FUN. It’s definitely not just for KIDS. I’m a sucker for stationary and nostalgic stuff. 😀 I like buying “gifts” for myself! 😛
    Great profile of a local business! 🙂

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      1. I love all things with cats on them and just love cats in general! Especially my kitty Allie. She is a sweetheart! Happy Friday to you too beauty!! Le Love Le K ❤ XO


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