Green Clean – Farmacy Beauty – A Review

Hiya BeYouties!

Today -A review on a product that is launching April 2017 from FARMACY Beauty!

Remember that sweet Birthday Gift from them!

This is part of it!



GREEN .png

My Thoughts on this balm…

Scent- Light- Refreshing- I can definitely smell all the citrus which I love

Texture- I have been using this every night since receiving it and what I notice most is that it leaves no film on the skin. I scoop a GIANT amount- I am probably using too much but when you love something ……

Balmy but not oily texture – Very different.

It removes Mascara – !

It removes Liquid lipstick -!


Green Clean - Makeup Meltaway cleanser .jpg

I love the little spatula which keeps the product clean!

I wash the spatula after each use and because I love a cooling sensation on my skin, I actually keep this product in the fridge.


It leaves my skin fresh and again film free- Not sticky ….

Double the fun

I like washing my face – It’s relaxing!

I then exfoliate with New Day Gentle exfoliating grains 

and tada ultra smooth clean skin ready for hydration!

Final Thoughts…

Using this cleansing balm is like massaging your face with a soft green fluffy cloud …

Is that the Birthday zen mode still talking ?

Well No – It’s the way it is !!!!!!!


I love you guys SO MUCH

Can I dive in this Jar and do some laps ….

Okay that’s the Birthday Zen Talking !


As always Thanks for reading and what are Your favourite cleansing Balms ?


Cat !

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* this product was a gift and as always these are my Views




  1. I probably use too much of my cleansing oil / balms too – I love massaging my face with them! Feels like I’m doing a spa treatment on myself! ❤
    It's great they provide you with a spatula – normally I steal a teaspoon from the kitchen to keep in the bathroom to scoop the balm out! XD The SO doesn't know… 😉
    I'm definitely keeping this Farmacy GREEN CLEAN in mind to try. I still have a few other balms to try!

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    1. the SO probably KNOWS …. lol
      I dive in xo I love ….
      I get very poetic with this one
      let’s hope I DON’T use it too much – like in a WEEK … XOXOXXO


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