FARMACY Beauty – A Precious Gift …

Hey BeYouties!

As I write this I feel very overwhelmed in a Good way ….

My Birthday is in a week and Yesterday I received a beautiful box from one of my favourite brands on the Planet – FARMACY BEAUTY. 

They are my skincare geniuses ….

They are a brand that is full of soul and does everything with an extra touch of Magic

I have been using their products since last summer and You can read my other posts on them if you wish….

Here – Honey Potion 

Here – Inspired Beauty 

Here – Honey Savior & Lip Bloom 

They are all over my beauty blog and I love that !

Here is what I opened the moment there was light this morning !


How Gorgeous and Sweet!

They are so Innovative, Ethical and Transparent as a Brand and I love them for it.

First of all the card

Farmacy Birthday Card -

Floored …

Really Touched…

I will treasure this card ….

  Sweet Lips Gift Set 

Hey Sweet Lips - FARMACY BEAUTY.jpg

Chocolate and their lip blooms ….  come on ! Too Good !!!

I better review these quickly before I eat them ! wink!


LAVENDER MINT LIP BLOOM Lip Balm 0.25 oz | 7g

LAVENDER MINT Chocolate Bar 1.8 oz


STRAWBERRY BASIL Chocolate Bar 1.8 oz

APPLE ROSEMARY LIP BLOOM Lip Balm 0.25 oz | 7g

APPLE ROSEMARY Chocolate Bar 1.8 oz

So perfect !

Next this lovely mask medley

I am In Love with their Honey Potion mask

and I expect Nothing but pure genius from these.

NEW DAWN Coconut Gel Mask Medley 


And Last but not least a Product I have been dying to try …
Did they read my Heart ?
Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm 

with Echinacea GreenEnvy™

This is the Ingredient That makes my skin so Happy and Calm ….

Green Clean - FARMACY.jpg


Look at this packaging – again Genius …

Green Clean - FARMACY BEAUTY -

What It is ..

A nourishing cleansing balm that erases makeup and gently lifts away impurities caused by pollution, it leaves the skin hydrated and silky smooth.

I am More than Bedazzled!!!

Thank You FARMACY !

You are Beyond Amazing and I can’t wait to start trying these …

Such a Unique Brand with Visionary Ways of doing things …

On Social Media You can find them on





Cat !!!!!!

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*This is a Gift and as Always all views are my own


  1. omg so beautiful! LOve! Love the card! So special cat but that’s because you are truly a special person. Big hugs and love this post. Going to read your wish list post. Your Bday is so close! Woo hoo! Party time! Love mega love!

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  2. **FALLS ON THE FLOOR!** That note they wrote!!! OMG. 😮
    And they even wrote “Happy Birthday” too. ❤
    You need to frame that card!
    I'm curious about ALL DA LIP BLOOMS! And they have a cleansing balm? WOW.
    Ok I'm going to get up off the floor now…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I am still on the floor stashy …. seriously …….. why get up ..
      i may float away ……..
      i will frame the card ………..
      so much love …..
      the cleansing balm is the first to try …
      xo i have tried one of their lip blooms already and it’s in my forever ARSENAL of never ever having a chapped MOUTH – Honey ginger –
      so I expect these to be just as TASTY XO
      Love xo

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I love that Lip Boom …… Lol
          no the floor is warm
          I have the temp up to tropical in here so yeah ….
          I am Gonna do a special pic of those once i find the other one
          GET OUT OF HERE STINKY MEN ….. lol xo


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