#TheLipPencil – Bite Beauty

Hiya BeYouTies …..

Hope Your week was great!

Today I am writing about a Brand I have fallen head over heals for!

Isn’t it great when that Happens!?!


Their recent launch of #TheLipPencil ….

I have had a ton of time to play with these gorgeous Lip pencils and mini Lipsticks

And I have one word to describe


Bite Beauty - MyLipAddiction.com .jpg

There has been Minimal Natural Light in Toronto so I have been snapping when there is a ray of sun or two…

BITE Beauty is a Canadian Brand – (CheersLoudly)

and Hand Made in Toronto ….. !

Hand Made Lip Products …?!

That’s incredible to me!

When I received this Voxbox from Influenster.ca

I was and still am totally excited as I have never been a fan of lip pencils …


Having a Blog that I named after a seriously addictive love for lipstick: the lip pencil world was not that important to me.

Again – Until Now

Defining the shape of my lips, overdrawing, contouring them

has always been something that makeup artists have done for me..

So I started to Play !

My Top lip is way bigger than My lower lip and I had so much fun with proportion

The Lip Pencils are creamy and highly pigmented

They are absolutely opaque and are food grade …

Edible ..

MyLipAddiction.com Cat .JPG

Okay so let’s get into the shades!


The top swatches are from the 2 adorable mini Amuse Bouche Lipsticks I received.

Amuse Bouche Bite Beauty Honeycomb.png


Amuse Bouche Bite Beauty Whiskey .png

Bite Amuse Bouche - myLipaddiction.com.jpg

They continue to be so well loved!

The Bottom Swatches are The Lip Pencils …

Now Let me tell You about those!

I received

Lip Pencil Bite Beauty 020.png


Lip Pencil Bite Beauty 044 .png

A Myriad of shades To play with and Mix

All Variations of Lip Toned Neutral shades


The Lip Pencil Bite Beauty Sephora.png

What it is:
A collection of classic, wood-barrel lip pencils in neutral, lip-tone inspired shades.

What it does:
With high precision texture that defines the lip line, The Lip Pencil provides perfect, allover, opaque lip coverage. Bite Beauty’s lightest formula yet, it offers addictively creamy coverage that’s so lightweight it feels like nothing on your lips. The case is an artisanal wood barrel that encapsulates whipped shea butter and three times the amount of pigments for a perfectly defined line.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Phthalates

What else you need to know:
Bite Beauty products are free of petrochemicals.

They are fresh in scent – no heavy usual vanilla scent so overly used in lip products.

a pale lip for me!

They came with a super cute Sephora Collection eco biodegradable Sharpener which I think is a great touch as who wants a dull lip pencil and I always lose mine in my beauty mess.



My favourite is the Nude Beige as I am really fair but ….

But I do look forward to playing with Rich Mahogany more!

I am mega obsessed with this brand and they are literally addictive.

I will show You further on HOW addictive Bite Beauty has become ..

I Adore!

*Thanks To Influenster.ca + Obviously BITE Beauty for sending these Gorgeous Lip products for review


xo xo xo


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  1. I’ve been wearing lip liners more lately for some reason! I like putting on lip liner in a MLBB shade to correct my lip shape (my lower lip on the left side is a bit uneven) and then I slap on some lip balm. I think Nude Beige is lovely on you! 🙂
    I know lots of people like twist up pencils but personally, I prefer good ol’ wooden pencils that you can sharpen – you can get such a sharp point. Also, I think those automatic pencils run out faster!
    Great post Cat – so much useful info. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks my Person soon to be GALENTINE …… wink xxx
      i really took my time with these u know and that’s the way it’s gotta be from now on ….
      WHAT IS THE RUSH …..
      enjoy the whole process YEAHHHHHH
      and hey i learned a TON – xxx
      like my lip pencil collection was almost nil – like maybe 7 mac ones … which seem dry to me now ?
      i dunno
      and some others i have gathered along the way … but i think this is super beautiful …..
      and they are made with love – hand made – come ON …..
      YEAH – did you know that you can buy the products at the lip lab ?
      OH NO ……..
      I am giving my skin a BREAK ….. xo
      the lips NEED NO BREAK – wink xxxxx
      Love YOU DEARLY and cannot wait to hang out xoxoxxoxxoxoxxoxox
      xoxoxoxxo Your CAT XX


    1. I am playing with eyeliner again Lol xo
      the makeup world is doing something to me ….
      it’s like i had focused on skincare so long that that’s all i cared about …
      NO MORE ….
      let’s expand a BIT lol
      what is this blog named after all xo
      Thanks babe xxx happy belated! YAH
      we have to xo


      1. I love your skincare reviews but it’s always fun to change it up!! Especially when you’re taking about Canadian brands.

        Thanks for the bday wishes!

        And Yes! We must all do Gen Beauty! I think they need to see that the blogging world is just as important as YouTube!!!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. YES THEY DO …..
          especially BLOGGERS WITH GOOD TUDE like us !!!!!!!!!!
          I know how you feel about Canadian brands and You know what – it’s still early so I am on my first coffee…… but i think WE – CANADA is on the rise ……… xxxxx I would love to see more Canadian fashion too … ya know …..
          Proud to be babes xox
          I hope your birthday was super magical ….
          You gonna post about it ???
          I hope so xoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo
          xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxo Love xx


          1. Agreed! Bloggers unit! Lol! Gen Beauty should be lots of fun.

            I don’t think I’ll post about my bday because I didn’t do anything too special – just shopped on Sephora which is up on the blog now haha!

            Love ya! Enjoy your coffee! Im about to grab coffee #2 lol!!!!!

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            1. lololol
              I JUST WAS ON UR BLOG
              twitter and talking to u from aquarian CUCKOO LAND ..
              thats where we come from xo
              I love what You got xoxoxxoxxoxoxxoxxoxxoxo

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    1. MyLipaddiction.com is almost 2 ! and I named my blog this because Lipstick – all lip products are my fave in the makeup world …
      its always the first thing i reach for !
      and has been since i was first using makeup …
      these are Gorgeous and i am addicted xo

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  2. We don’t have bite here in Oz but we have something called the Lip Lab which opened up last year. I wonder if it’s similar… Anyway these 2 shades look stunning and sound amazing! Whiskey and Honeycomb… What cool names too 🙂

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    1. i made an appt for TODAY …… omg xo gonna make my own shades ….. xoxoxoxoxxoxoxxoxoxoxox
      link me up to YOURS xoxoxxoxoxox
      i wanna see xxx
      How about a post of all the things YOU GUYS HAVE IN BEAUTY …… that YOU know North America doesn’t xxxx
      that would b cool yeah xxx

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