Farmacy Beauty – Lip Blooms -More Than Beautiful!

Hiya Hiya Hiya !

So as You BeYouties May remember – One of my favourite brands on the planet sent me a ton of new beauty as a birthday gift…..

My birthday is over – or is it ?! xx



And it’s time to get reviewing the gorgeousness that is FARMACY .… More

The chocolate bars went VERY quickly and were delicious.

The Sweet Lips Gift set comes with yes – 3 chocolate bars and 3 Lip Blooms …

A while ago when their Award winning Honey potion and Honey Savior  dropped, I reviewed their honey ginger lip bloom and have not stopped using it.

All of their Honey Products are Mega loved and used day to day in a multitude of ways.

Honey Ginger Lip Bloom - Farmacy - .jpg


HONEY GINGER LIP BLOOM • Farmacy Beauty.png

The Honey Ginger Lip Bloom smells and tastes like Ginger tea. ADORE!

Onto the other Lip Blooms.

Farmacy Lip Blooms - .jpg

They are such an inspiring brand and always bring out the creativity in me!


Gorgeous packaging of course – Farmacy beauty thinks of everything.


Apple Rosemary Lip Bloom


This one is probably my favourite after the Honey Ginger.

It smells and tastes like summer!

They all have the same beautiful consistency and wear beautifully on their own or under lipstick.

They are all clear which means – Yes I layer them!

Honey Ginger + Apple Rosemary = Bliss Lips!



Strawberry Basil was my favourite chocolate bar- Yikes! I ate them so quickly I had no time to talk about them.

Basically No willpower! ❤

This is my second fave.

And Guess what I layer it with !!!

LAVENDER MINT LIP BLOOM • Farmacy Beauty.png

Strawberry Basil + Lavender Mint = Kissy Lips !

I don’t kiss and tell but this combination is KaPow!

They all create a protective shield and nourish the lips.

There is also Citrus Lemongrass & Vanilla Mint on their website and I am eyeing those as Farmacy Beauty is a brand I cannot get enough of.

Dear FARMACY Beauty!

I adore You !

What’s Not to Love !

They have just landed on !!!


and are available on their website and of course Sephora 



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*This Post contains pr samples and as always these are my views





  1. You’re on a roll! TWO posts today?!! 😀
    Omg the honey stuff look AMAZING! I think the honey ginger would be my fav too. Sometimes I find herbal scents to be overpowering especially for lip stuff.
    Wow, your lips must be SO pampered right now with all these Lip Blooms! ❤

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    1. I think for you honey ginger of lavender mint
      the other ones are more scented –
      Yes my lips are very happy and
      two blogs yesterday no blog posts today

      love xo

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  2. These all sound very refreshing! Thanks for another wonderful review! The chocolate sounds amazing! Glad you are having a fantastic birthday month!

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