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Hey Beauties !

So Today I have a review of some lovely Lipsticks from a brand I have written about before

Maison Jacynthe

I wrote about her skincare in January of this year and Now she has a new line of makeup out !

A Little bit about her!


A dedicated artist with an inspiring journey! Jacynthe René has received two bachelor’s degrees and is known for her roles on television, cinema, and theater. Involved in several projects, Jacynthe launched Jmagazine, an online magazine, where she (along with her team of specialists) shares her beauty and wellness secrets to inspire people.
I was totally happy when they contacted me again and heard she had created her own line of makeup!
Her PR team is so sweet and very welcoming as they allowed me to pick the products I wanted to review.
I have had many experience where I simply can’t work with the product because It doesn’t suit me. This is usually when the brand picks out products without asking or looking at my website!
Not Maison Jacynthe!!!!!
They Showed me the new products and I picked the items that would suit me best !
I adore that!
Let’s get into these !
You can find all Her new products Here 
And they even sent a floral mist …..
Am I that Obvious !!!!!!
 Lovely Catalogue – really well done!
Lovely Packaging
Wood and brushed chrome
very modern and earthy at the same time
All of Her Products Are
The lipsticks are Lovely and very VERY pigmented
They have a light floral scent
Here are some swatches in Natural Light
08 Coral is a total dupe for MAC Limited Edition Giambattista Valli Collection Lipstick ~ Margherita
if you want to compare – click on my review HERE So great as that was limited edition
Many bloggers that are Lipstick addicts – like myself are still looking for that colour – So here is a cruelty free option !
All three are very creamy – great colour payoff and seriously moisturizing.
What Is not to Love !
I will have a review of the Lavender floral water up soon !
Thank You


  1. Of COURSE you stuck with the lipsticks! I love the wooden packaging – so distinctive. You picked such wearable shades – I can’t decide which one I like best… maybe the coral.

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