Yep ! That’s It – these are my Favourite lipsticks of the Year – and it’s only July ……

These are so very beautiful – they are velvety smooth – they stain the lips and are lovely mixed together

When You layer them, it creates a jewelled effect.

Honestly I didn’t have time to do Β Lip swatches this weekend.

But what I can tell you is that they wear and wear – about 6 hours.

That’s a long time for me – I usually have to re-apply a few times a day.

I will do the lips swatches soon.

TRUE to their packaging –

seriously – When You are a lipstick addict the way I am- this is Just a serious bonus.

in bright sunlinh
in bright sunlight

You see what I mean ?

I am Just using my iPhone here –

(hello Santa Please can I have a real camera)Β 

they are all my favourites . Honestly I can’t just pick One.

TATS an MARGHERITA are bright and cheerful – Power pop Lips:

Like Candy!

So many compliments this weekend on those two

How much lipstick do i really wear – Ha

sometimes – it’s the only make up I wear.


CHARLOTTE Β is the most beautiful red- If You have crazy big lips like me – it’s a killer shade- and once it starts to wear off – looks like a wine stain on your lips.

EUGENIE will be my Go To for Fall and winter. a very Film Noir shade-

Sumptuous with the look of chocolate and berry together. Perfect.

I am thinking It will be beautiful in photo- shoots as well

I am really Glad I didn’t get Bianca B – Even though Gorgeous in the bullet –

It was too milky white pink for me -almost no colour- Not enough punch.

A Ton of my friends have asked me -where are they STILL available online?

I am searching and searching – and Haven’t come up with any answers yet.

As mentioned in my last post, the Crystal Gloss was soldΒ out when I got there.

I have so many glossesΒ that will Β go well with these shades – so No biggy.

And I truly think that they Look gorgeous on their own -and or / with liners.


I hope you enjoyed my review – TOP LIPSTICKS of 2015 for me!

I was Going To post this tomorrow

Β I am Moving (will still be in Toronto, just nicer area) Β at the end of August – so You are going to see a Huge load of posts as I go

through everything & organize my august Giveaway etc .





    1. Cat Forsley

      would love fab on YOU – all of them – seriously – This cat is looking for the ONLINE ANSWER to where are THEY X !!!!!!!!!! Lol …..
      hope the “happiness engineers” are helping You out lovely xo

      1. BeginnerBeaute

        Thank you babydoll! Actually Alexandra helped me! Her comment did wonders I am loving her right now LOL XO

          1. BeginnerBeaute

            LOL I just might have too! If I can figure out how to video my screen with my computer that Im using LOL

        1. Cat Forsley

          oooh and i just saw ————————– what a sweetheart she is xxxxxxxxxxx xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
          night love xo

    1. Cat Forsley

      hey babe xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo ❀ i did xxx tweeted u xo HELLO KITTY NCLA …….. i got a basic mani today – shellac was called marshmallow – xo big hugs

            1. Cat Forsley

              ❀ ❀ ❀ COS ……… i have a feeling the wraps will arrive today or tomorrow – will post the moment i receive xoxoxoxxox Have a gorgeous day xo

  1. shayfabs

    Gorgeous!! I can’t wait to see your and I can’t wait to get my order this week!! I thought they were all so beautiful πŸ™‚ xx ❀

    1. Cat Forsley

      You got them Toooooo ? Ohhhhhhhhh xoxoxoxox amazing ……………..
      after wearing them all weekend – they MEGA stain – makeup remover to take them off fully .
      Interesting cuz never had to do that with MAC – xxxx
      I hope u have a gorgeous week xo

      1. shayfabs

        Oh yes, I got them too…I couldn’t resist!! xoxoxoxo – good to know they stain…that is so bizarre bc like you said, none of their other lipsticks do that…hmm. Hope you have an amazing week gorgeous!!! xxx πŸ™‚

        1. Cat Forsley

          can’t wait for your post on them – check the tracking Lol -<3 ❀ ❀ Monday is starting off pretty good xoxoxoxxoxoxoxo Gonna motor through it xo MUAH

  2. plus+beauty27

    All of these are beautiful!! I love the packaging too! I’m a MAC lipstick lover but for some reason I never buy the LE stuff lol. I just don’t like to get my hopes up I guess lol. Great swatches!! ❀ ❀ xoxoxo

    1. Cat Forsley

      Thanks Radiant K xo
      “le stuff” love it
      if you want help in picking LE PERFECT SHADE – i am always here xo
      I have a million ideas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Le Love xo
      Le Cat !
      Lol xo

      1. plus+beauty27

        You’re welcome beautiful Cat! xo
        Thank you so much for offering! I know you would be perfect with helping out with picking the perfect shade! ❀ Lol Le Love Le K! xo ❀ ❀

    1. Cat Forsley

      then you always know what you should throw in your purse right ? easy – match the packaging to the colour – MAKES life easier – LOL
      don’t have to rummage through my purse and search …
      xoxoxox C

    1. Cat Forsley

      Good morning to you Glam Goddess – xo
      You know what – You have to come over before i move ok
      and YEAH let’s talk this week –
      all the colours would be FAB on you – i can say that because I KNOW you xoxoxoxoxxoxo
      MUAH XO

  3. Iona

    I love these lipsticks I really need to get some! Mac make such good quality products and I love the packaging on these xx

  4. Veena

    Oh gosh Cat. Thanks for the swatch. I actually found an online seller here ,she said she can arrange for these. ❀ I'm so excited. Thanks for the swatch. I love all the four colors. But I guess Eugenie and Charlotte are my bet at the moment.

    thanks :*

    1. Cat Forsley

      Hi D xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Eugenie is GORGE – u know what would be wicked on you too – TATS- so vivid and fun xo MUAH – hope ur having a great day xo

  5. stashmatters

    These shades are too bold for my liking but I LOVE the idea of the matching casing to the bullet colour! MAC needs to do that with ALL of their lippies, stat! πŸ˜€

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