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Hello Beauties ! Hope You are well – Hello October!!!!

I was kindly invited by the Juice Beauty team to attend their Master Class at Holt Renfrew.

It was a ton of fun! I love learning so this was an easy Yes!

I have written about Juice Beauty before and have tried a lot of their skincare and makeup.

Juice Beauty Makeup- Lip Love 

Juice Beauty – Anti Wrinkle Solutions Kit – The Review 

As I mentioned in the “by myself interview” on my podcast, I love event blogging. I love learning about the passion behind brands and adore being where the energy is way up there !

Behind the brand – Juice Beauty 

Masterminded by a California team passionate about healthy lifestyles and whose organic products are backed by powerful science. It all started when Karen Behnke, a serial wellness entrepreneur, who built one of the first corporate wellness companies in the country, developed a keen interest in personal care products upon becoming pregnant with her first child at the age of 40.

Experiencing hormonal changes and the beginning of lines in her skin, Karen set out to find healthy skincare solutions that delivered visible results. She was astounded to learn that, although the skin absorbs over 60% of what is placed on it, there were very few available healthy personal care products that worked well. She wanted to create meaningful change in the beauty industry.

Years after her second child was born, Karen subsequently bought the name “Juice Beauty” in 2004 and launched the Company from scratch in 2005. Karen set out to do the impossible: to create organic and natural formulations that perform as well as conventional beauty products yet never compromise on the luxurious experience. Over 5 years, Karen’s team worked with PhD chemists, physicians, and microbiologists to perfect Juice Beauty’s chemistry. Juice Beauty’s revolutionary formulations started with a basic premise: Karen believed that by formulating with an antioxidant and vitamin-rich organic botanical juice base, rather than petroleum derivatives or added water, and combining it with powerful skin care ingredients, it could yield equal or better results than conventional or natural products. Multiple clinical testing proved her right. The company really started growing when the GREEN APPLE™ Peel – now patented – escalated to fame through celebrity favorite mentions and media awards.

Today, Juice Beauty offers award winning (InStyle, ELLE, Allure, EWG awards) skincare, makeup and hair care products that meet rigorous U.S., organic regulations supported by solid eco-values that include purchasing many ingredients locally from West Coast certified organic farmers and manufacturing strictly in the U.S.A. often with solar power, utilizing sustainable containers and printing with soy ink. Juice Beauty also provides donations to five chosen charities.

Brainy Woman with a Passion for what she does!


Look at this adorable set up ! Green Apples everywhere!

Juice Beauty master class - MyLipaddiction.com .jpg

Definitely Healthy & Super Colourful!



Sandy Dilella – Juice Beauty – Canada National Sales Manager talking about the brand.

We went through all of the skincare, and got to play with a lot of it !


I tried the Stem Cellular Instant eye lift Algae Mask and kinda swooned!

This is a product that Celebrities swear by before Red Carpet evenings. Eye masks are not something I had tried before so yes – I will be adding them to my routine. Instant Organic lift and very soothing.

Then we talked about Gwyneth Paltrow and how she came to be the creative director for the makeup!


She is hands on and a perfectionist! I wouldn’t of thought otherwise!


Phyto-Pigments Liquid lip

I have Gwyneth – which is a deep raspberry Colour

Their lovely Cream Blushes 

Phyto-Pigment Blushes MyLipaddiction.com

I had so much fun and learned so much about Juice Beauty !

My Favourite kind of events are those when I learn and leave feeling more empowered as a woman- about what I am using in my beauty regimen.

Thanks so Much to Juice Beauty for having me !

I will post the sweet gift bag on Instagram !

Thanks for reading and as always Many thanks for dropping by

Have You tried their skincare or makeup – or Both ?

I would love to Know …..






  1. Looks like it was an amazing event! I love how low key and intimate it was. I’ve only known Juice Beauty as a skincare brand but through your blog, I’m now seeing them more as both skinare and makeup – which is rare as a natural brand. Off the top of my head I can’t think of many – maybe Bare Minerals?
    I’ll have to make a trip to Holts to check out their counter!

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    1. ❤ ❤ ❤ it was fun xxx i am obsessed with the green apple scent of a Ton of their products …….. i will be going back for a make up event at the end of october xo love u – will call u tomorrow xxx


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