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Happy Friday Beauties!
Les Soins de Jacynthe skincare was sent to me just a bit before Christmas and, like I usually do wanted to try it out in my skincare routine for a while before writing about it!

Jacynthe René

A dedicated artist with an inspiring journey! Jacynthe René has received two bachelor’s degrees and is known for her roles on television, cinema, and theater. Involved in several projects, Jacynthe launched Jmagazine, an online magazine, where she (along with her team of specialists) shares her beauty and wellness secrets to inspire people.
She created a product line that is

100% natural & active

A new generation of skincare products free of chemicals, petroleum by-products, preservatives and synthetic fragrance. They use active ingredients and the fragrances are made with plants and flowers.

Her products are cruelty-free and eco-friendly

naturel100% natural and activeanimauxCruelty Free

 no ogmNo GMOsno chimiqueNo Chemicals

Inspiring right!

She and her team are from La Prairie, Quebec. I think I may take a little trip and make an appointment to visit her salon. You can View it HERE. 

mylipaddiction.com I was sent these three beautiful products,

The packaging is lovely and really made with love. I especially love the font that is used on the labels- it appeals to the artist in me!
All three products are easy and a joy to use. I am always so fascinated with cleansing oils. I would never ever use any kind of soapy cleanser for my face anymore after all I have learned.
This is gentle oil pulling and this is what works best so the ph levels and oil production remain balanced.
Out of the three products, if I had to pick a favourite – this would be it. I absolutely love the scent and how it cleanses gently yet thoroughly.
It contains jojoba and apricot oils, sea buckthorn CO2, bourbon, geranium rosa, ylang ylang and sandalwood oils.
The scent is really wonderful and leaves my skin smooth and clean. I don’t have acne prone skin, Thank Goodness – but I do have sensitive skin . This cleansing oil is good for all skin types.
The Floral water is lovely to mist all over the face after cleansing. I had just run out of the hydrosol I had been using before and THIS is another great thing about being a beauty blogger. You are never out of things you need. I really love floral waters, always have!  The aroma of roses all over your face ! YES ! This is great. Roses hold so much moisture in their beautiful petals and this is what makes this floral water wonderful to me.
I’ve been spraying this on my face before I go to bed and the scent lingers. Really Gorgeous!
All three products are part of Her Beauty Essentials Set .
Lastly the lovely serum is super gentle and amazing for the face, neck and the eye region.
I have a thing for this kind of packaging when it comes to skincare.
Mylipaddiction.com Just a few drops – You don’t lose any product and the aesthetic is just really lovely in my shelf of skincare.
I adore the little heart on each bottle!
In this serum, I can really smell the roses- Pun Intended !!!!!!!
It sinks into the skin and leaves my face soft as a petal.
Many Many Thanks to Jmagazine.ca for the beautiful skincare ! I am really enjoying them !
You can connect with Jacynthe  on Twitter, FaceBook and YouTube.
There are some really gorgeous articles and products in her shop. I am eyeing her massage oils!
*I did receive these products Gratis and as always these are my opinions
until next time !!!!


  1. Oh wow these are wonderful! You’ve sold me on the cleanser, and really I think I need these all they sound like they smell amazing lol and you’re right the packaging is too cute haha ❤ great post love 🙂

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  2. I love the made with love look of these little bottles. I agree about the font and the heart. Love it!!! I’m going to look into this brand hopefully I can get it here.

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