Yves Saint Laurent- Black Opium Floral Shock – A Review

Hiya BeYouties!

Today I have a review of a Gorgeous Fragrance by One or My Favourite Designers of All time …

Yves Saint Laurent

I’ve written about the Beauty of YSL before. He was a true Visionary and his legacy lives on in all the Brand creates.

YSL has a whole category on my blog so feel free to check it out!

 The Original Rouge Volupte are some of my favourite lipsticks ever created.


Onto this perfect fragrance.

Black Opium - Floral Shock - YSL - myLipaddiction_Fotor.jpg

A thrust of high-octane sensuality; a biting freshness that blows the mind but leaves you wanting more.

Deliciously irresistible, the addictive signature of Black Opium finds in BLACK OPIUM FLORAL SHOCK a new froideur of cool sophistication.

The addictive signature of Black Opium wrapped in quivering freshness.

The warm sensuality of black coffee shaken with the fresh bold notes of citrus and white flowers. The shock of an iced coffee, between pleasure and adrenalin.

Bergamot – Freesia Accord – Gardenia Accord – Iced Coffee Accord

Upon Receiving this scent for my Birthday I was a tad in shock.

Pun Intended.

The Original Opium

Which was first marketed in 1977 created a Big stir and still does .

I remember my Grandmother wearing it in the late 80’s and It was always so intoxicating.

 Black Opium Floral Shock Is still very heady and for some reason I always feel

very hypnotized at first spritz.

I felt the same way about Mon Paris – 

which I received at a beautiful Dave Lackie event in late 2016.

Black Opium Floral Shock Fragrance YSL.png

Black Opium Floral Shock revs me up!

I definitely smell the Gardenia & Freesia first.

Then, there is the creaminess of coffee.

The fragrance is icy and warm at the same time and leaves a definite impact!

I am In Love with the design and Bottle

It twinkles and I love the centre of it …

That colour!

I have been wearing it day and night as I have never thought of a fragrance as being either evening or daytime.

Wear it if you like it.

It’s sensual and a cutting edge version of the Original .

Definitely Not for the faint of Heart.

It’s an olfactory dance between dark and light.

I Love it!

Hope You enjoyed my review xo

Have You Worn any Versions of OPIUM….

What is Your Go To fragrance right now …


All Love



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*This was a Gift – All Views are My own


    1. OPIUM the original is HEAVY duty
      right ?
      there is also
      Black Opium Nuit Blanche
      a Tad lighter than Floral shock
      DO the new hair and then I bet you will know xo
      #unhinged …..
      this one is pretty rock & roll …. xo


  1. When I think about YSL Opium, I think about heavy scents – way too much for me. Too sophisticated. I’m too INNOCENT for it! XD 😆
    But Black Opium Floral Shock though – first the NAME! How awesome – SHOCK! I looked up the notes and it’s got PEAR and COFFEE? How interesting! I request that you wear this when we meet up ok? And the Rodial eye shadow palette on your eyes. Please! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. it’s way TOO HEAVY – the original …..
      it will always remind me of an older – fashion editor or u know Meryl streep in devil wears prada ….
      ANNA WINTOUR heavy

      ICE CREAMY COFFEE …… yes ……….. i do not smell the pear at all
      and I have a good nose …..
      i smell the the white flowers and then warmth of coffee …
      icy and warm!
      sexy …
      I like it …
      come on …..

      PARIS – an older one is next on the list ,,,,, wink

      and I am Gonna swatch sunday everything rodial ……


  2. Your post alone makes me want to run out to The Bay and spray it to smell it for myself! But it’s 9pm so…yeah lol. How interesting that it has coffee notes in it! I’ve really got to try this once and for all. Brilliant write up as always to be expected. Bravo!

    Liked by 1 person

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