Astra Medicare – Deep Tissue Massage – Best 🌟

*This experience was hosted – all views are my own

Happy March!

As spring officially nears, so many changes are here and that’s one thing we can always depend on: as human beings yes – Yes – Change!  Change is the constant .


This is Zina – Registered Massage Therapist 

This was the best massage I have ever received.


Here are the amazing techniques she used on me.



Similar to a Swedish massage, only deep pressure is applied to muscle tissue, aiding in recovery of chronic muscle pain, and tension. The firm pressure and slow strokes allows for scar tissue to break up, and for knots to “unfold”. This massage is ideal for those that have recently been involved in an accident/injury (ie. whiplash, falls), people that deal with chronic back pain, and people are involved in vigorous physical activity. $100-$150

 I have had a bit of sciatic pain in my lower back from a workout injury (20 years ago) and sometimes it emerges . The day after the massage – GONE! 




Relieve the tension in your muscles, with a soothing Hot Stone Massage. Hot volcanic rocks are applied to your body via circulation movement, kneading, threading, and long strokes. Similar to a Swedish Massage, this massage will leave your body, and your mind, in a state of tranquility. $100-$150


Pure Heaven! Zina asked me if the stones were too hot but No – the hotter the better please. I really love heat . So Blissful and the weight of the stones calmed my whole spine down. 




This popular form of alternative medicine is done by placing special “cups” on the skin, creating a vacuum, and suctioning out air. The tissue is raised, or “sucked” up into the cup. The purpose of cupping is to enhance circulation throughout body, help relieve pain & tension, and pull out any toxins that linger in your body’s tissues. $70-$115

This was amazing. I love intense massage and I love how communicative she was in asking me about my different thresholds. I don’t fall asleep during massage. I generally ask a ton of questions and give feedback. It’s my naturally expressive self!

It was brilliant and there is no better feeling than waking up next day refreshed, revitalized and pain free.


I had a bit More Botox after with Doctor Kumar and I will be bringing you more posts on that soon !

A Gazillion stars of course for this amazing massage with Zina !

All love


    1. Zina is amazing ! the cups were used gently so I have no bruising ! tailor made massage – every body is different and she has very intuitive hands ! XX


  1. I had cupping done a few years ago by my acupuncturist and while it felt great, I looked like I’d been attacked by an octopus, haha!

    The hot stone massage sounds like something I would definitely enjoy!


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