An Afternoon at SOUL 7 – Canada’s Only Frequency Spa

Hi Beautifulls!

Hope You are all well!  To Say That I am Mind Blown after Visiting Soul 7 this weekend is a Huge Understatement!


I am still processing what Happened!

One of the first things I saw after being so wonderfully Greeted was This!

The Little Prince is My Favourite Book of all Time and seeing a print in this beautiful space gave me a Feeling of being HOME!

I have been following the signs I see – figuratively and literally a lot more these days and It’s just Opened my heart to all beauty everywhere.

S0 -About


“Soul 7 is a labor of love, a Mission oriented wellness clinic with the purpose of optimizing people’s innate ability to self-heal.

We use Health Canada approved Frequency technology to balance the nervous system by resolving frequency blockages that may be impeding our client’s ability to self-heal.

Think of it as 21st-century acupuncture.

Our breakthrough therapies use drug-free, non-invasive Sound, Light and Health Canada approved Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency (PEMF) Technology.

At Soul 7, through the use of these technologies, we work to resolve the root cause of any symptom or ailment that you may be experiencing.

Most people in North America are unaware of the existence of these technologies which are widely used in countries such as Germany, Russia, and China.”

Bob Berman, Founder

This Video is so amazing

How very beautiful !



I had the stress relief treatment 

Stress Relief Technology

“Let’s face it, stress is a part of life! We can’t always control situations.  With our breakthrough Stress Relief Sessions, you will enjoy a sense of calm and relaxation as if you spent a day at the beach!

Our evidence-based Frequency Protocols combine Sound, Light and Health Canada Approved Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) technology to balance the nervous and boost the immune systems for optimal Stress Relief.”


How I felt going in – revved, eager to learn, very hyper- my natural everyday self is very enthusiastic and a bit wired.

I have always been empathic and my senses get overly stimulated – EASILY.

What does ’empathic” mean. Google can tell You! Ha! I define it as being someone that can Feel the energy of people very easily. Though out my life I have had to learn how to manage my GIVING energy. My first impulse is always to Give out. Giving and Receiving are really the same thing. I see it as circular or a boomerang. If I don’t balance and root myself in my energy I experience exhaustion easily.  This Treatment was the beginning of learning how to do that.


Experientially – What Happened?

I lay down and had an amazing massage done by a jade roller, that is inside the “bed”

I was Given Headphones that for lack of better words – “played” different frequencies.

I am wired for Sound- THIS has always been my way. Out of all my senses: sound is my Favourite one.


Here is a Video to better explain STRESS RELIEF




How did I feel during my treatment?

I felt different sensations from head to toe. My Mind calmed down and My breathing became slower but fuller. I felt my pulse slow down. I went in with a very open mind although not well versed in the science of everything and so I just let my whole self relax. About 20 minutes into the treatment, my mind actually made a very conscious decision to LET GO. Everything is connected so in making that decision, it felt like “Stuff” I didn’t need was being released. By “Stuff” I mean Negative energy, other peoples energy because Yes, as mentioned above sometimes I feel like a sponge! The best Visual I can illustrate is like a sponge releasing its contents. I connected Visually to the colours shown to me and brought them Inside.

Inside each cell.


How do I feel After My treatment?

Immediately afterwards I felt “Lighter” … Not in weight but in energy. I was extremely thirsty and Rebecca told me this is because of DETOX. I went home and continued to feel better and better …. It’s like My whole self is absolutely cohesive. I drank about a gallon of water and my body let go More during my sleep. When I woke up this morning my immediate feeling was that the sponge like feeling I have had for so long is Gone.

Less Permeable- fully in my own Vibe.

It’s Quite poetic because of all the sensory work.

I have never EVER experienced anything like this in my life and I have been to some amazing healing places in Our World. I’ve been to Sedona, Arizona which is regarded as one of the most healing places in North America.


This is the most Blissful experience I have had SPA WISE. IN MY LIFE!

Thank You SOOO much SOUL 7!!!

I am so excited to go back and experience More.

This is the key word – EXPERIENCE – If You are in Toronto and are open to energy healing – Take a stroll and check it out!



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  1. That place sounds amazing! 💫💫💫 I enjoyed reading your post about it. I’m here, thought it’s after midnight lol. I can relate a lot to this!! 😘♥️♥️♥️ xoxo

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      1. l’m looking forward to reading more! Lots of hugs & smooches! 😊💜💜💜 xoxoxoxoxo


    1. me neither sweetheart
      but for sensitive people – like us – because I view you as a sensitive as well
      xxx it’s super important to take EXTRA CARE
      when i get home I’ll do some googling and see if I can find something similar in your part of the world xxx
      all love xx

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  2. I didn’t know about treatments like that existing either but seems like a great experience and seeing that Little Prince would already make me feel better😊

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  3. Wow – this looks like an incredible spa experience! I have actually never been to any sort of spa (probably because I am uncomfortable with random people touching me haha), but a stress relief session seems like something I would benefit from. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!
    -Jenna ❤
    Follow me back? The Chic Cupcake

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  4. It sounds like a wonderful treatment to have any time, but what a great gift to give someone before Christmas or after moving house to help ease the stress! I’d love to try it! Thanks for taking us through it, Cat. xox


    1. ❤ all love beautiful xo i so agree with YOU
      Beautiful Gifts to Give xx
      i was there today and I will be there again tomorrow xxx I've found I have a very home feeling there xo


  5. They had me at “mindful healing” what an amazing experience. Loved your instastory as well as this post. so much good vibrations.


  6. I need some stress relief! This sounds so pampering – inside and out. ❤
    I see on their wall that they are part of the National Guild of Hypnotists…? 😉

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    1. ❤ Hi Stash !!!!!! unlike any place on earth – Yes they do have a hypnotherapist and I met him briefly last week – I am partner so You will definitely see a lot of my experiences as I go through them – I am about 110% more relaxed than EVER in my life … Have a great week -!


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