Compass Dermatology – My Halo Laser Experience – Part 1 💓

*This Treatment was Hosted. All Views are my own

Hi Guys !

One week ago I had Halo Laser at Compass Dermatology here in Toronto.

I am doing a three part profile on My procedure and the clinic itself so ENJOY!

First I am Going To focus on Compass Dermatology: the procedures they offer and Give you some info On What HALO IS!

Here is Dr. Sonya Cook, with a little bit more about Herself & Her Clinic.

I loved talking to Her and Dr. Julia Carroll FRCPC (Dermatology) So much!  There is something so amazingly Fresh and Invigorating at Compass Dermatology & I feel very strongly about the Care that these Women give.

Dr. Julia Carroll
FRCPC (Dermatology) And I in Late 2019

Now What is HALO

Halo: The Only Hybrid Fractional Laser

 Compass Dermatology is the first clinic in Toronto to offer the cutting edge Sciton® Halo™, the world’s first and only hybrid fractional laser. Until now, you had to choose between an ablative procedure that produced great results but with a lengthy recovery, or a non-ablative procedure with rapid recovery but less impressive results. Now with Halo, you get the best of both worlds: great results with minimal downtime. The Halo simultaneously delivers non-ablative and ablative wavelengths to maximize results and reduce downtime. 

Halo treatments significantly improve:

Fine lines and wrinkles

Hyperpigmentation, including sun damage, age spots, freckles, and melasma

Dull or uneven skin tone


Enlarged pores

The Halo is tuneable to allow its use on any skin type. The treatment requires application of topical anesthetic only. Most patients can resume their normal daily activities, including the use of makeup, 24 hours after treatment. You will see improved pigmentation within 5 days following your treatment, while dermal collagen regeneration continues for months. The results are long-lasting and can be maintained and further enhanced with subsequent Halo treatments combined with Forever Young BBL. 

What Is The Difference Between Ablative And Nonablative Laser Treatment?

Ablative laser treatments are one of the most effective treatments for improving the signs of aging. Ablative lasers remove the outer layers of damaged skin, triggering healing and increased collagen production. This results in firmer skin  with more even tone and texture. However, ablative laser treatments have a recovery period of 1-2 weeks.Non-ablative laser treatments heat up the skin, but do not remove it. The heat triggers remodelling of the skin with increased collagen production. 

Non-ablative laser treatments heat up the skin, but do not remove it. The heat  triggers remodelling of the skin with increased collagen production. There is little recovery time but more treatments are required to achieve the desired results. 

Until now, you had to choose between an ablative procedure that offered great results but a lengthy recovery time, or a non ablative procedure with a rapid recovery but marginal results. Now with Halo, you get the best of both worlds: great results with minimal downtime. 


My skin –

My skin concerns were pigmentation from the sun and from having 40+ skin. Pore size. Loss of Volume. Fine lines and general tone. My skin is sensitive and very fair and tends to lean on the dry side.

Even before I go into My Halo Treatment, I want to talk about the warmth and positivity I felt and FEEL At Compass Dermatology. The Vibe is totally zen and any Question I had was met with a smile and enthusiasm. I ask a Lot of Questions; it’s just my nature as the Science of Beauty, Skin etc, is what really thrills me. The ambiance is Light and Bright and the clinic is filled with Smiles! And of course amazing Skincare!

Maura – Senior Medical Aesthetician / Laser Technician

This is Maura and She Facilitated my Halo Treatment! She is a Senior Medical Aesthetician and Laser Technician at Compass Dermatology. She is an absolute Gem and took the best care of MY FACE! . The care the whole team Gives is above and beyond. They even texted me the next day just to check up on me. I kept on saying ..

Thank You for Your Care

In the next post I will go into the treatment itself & How I felt during and after and How My skin felt and feels!

Hint Hint I feel Great!

I cannot wait to tell YOU All More!

You can Contact Compass Dermatology

See You next Time !


  1. Cat I am really loving all the information about this treatment. I look forward to your other posts following this one. Truly amazing! The technology blows me away at how skin can be treated and change. Thank you for sharing all the information and your experience with your readers. Truly brilliant. Have a lovely day beautiful Cat! Much love.

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