Lash Extensions – My Experience – Alley 28 Beauty House



Happy Holidays Guys!

Wrapping up before Christmas and going home to see my family in Ottawa!

Today I have a feature on a wonderful Spa experience I had this week.

Alley 28 Beauty House

My natural eyelashes are brown, thick but short and I really had never focused on falsies, unless it was for a shoot and someone else was applying. My thing has always been way too many coats of black mascara…… Until ….

The wonderful people at Calia Hair Design – (THE HAIR PEOPLE I love) – told Stephanie & Neil – owners of Alley 28 Beauty House about me.  So Obviously I said OF COURSE I would love to have my eyelashes done. Alley 28 Beauty House is located right above Calia Hair Design and it’s a pretty cozy loft like spa.



Everything is pink ….and absolutely spotless.

Stephanie has a nursing background and is extremely warm and intelligent.

She decided on 13mm for me as my natural lashes are 8mm.

It’s all super interesting to me!

You don’t want the lashes to weigh down the eye. It’s Math and secretly -shhh- I like math.

The “Bed” was so cozy, complete with a heated blanket….

The products used there which I kindly received are all from Miscencil–  leaders in the lash industry.

The whole process took about 2 hours and I asked Stephanie a million questions.

Most people nap….. I TALK!

How cute is this from their Instagram page


totally amazing process ….

She chatted with me about aftercare

And went home happy!


Would I go back


I know they are only eyelashes but oh my – do they make a difference.

It’s like instant makeup & Glam

Thank You so much to Alley 28 Beauty House for having me

If You follow me on Instagram I will be posting MAKEUP SELFIES through out the holiday season .… And IG Stories … I live in stories.

Have an amazing one guys and I will see you on the blog after Christmas!



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*This service was gratis. All Views are my own


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