Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask – The sleeping mask you need this Year !

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Today I have a review of one of the hottest products in Skincare I have seen in a long while.


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What is it

“A 2-step mask that delivers continuous hydration overnight for supple, dewy skin by drenching your face with moisture and then locking it in.”


“This next-level sleeping mask is proven to give you plump, smooth skin after one night. Step 1: Instantly replenish moisture with a cooling gel essence powered by rosewater, damask rose extract, and hyaluronic acid. Step 2: Lock it in with a silky water-cream mask that uses time-release technology.”

The Story of Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask

“A high level of hydration is one of the best things you can offer your skin while you sleep, because your temperature rises which leads to moisture loss. These two steps combine the benefits of rose with advanced time-release liquid patches for the most hydrating mask fresh could possibly achieve.”
—Lev Glazman, fresh co-founder

My thoughts – (WHY YOU NEED IT IN YOUR LIFE) YES in Bold for a reason


The texture of this mask is LUXURIOUS but Luxurious on a whole new level – It’s like a  moisture hug for the face.

After I washed my face I applied the first step – the cooling gel essence – which smells divine – I could feel everything sink in – like right away! I haven’t felt that depth of hydration with sleeping masks before – They usually sit on top of the skin for a while – for me.

Second step and the luxury just gets BETTER. The silky texture seals everything in…….And off to bed I went!

Dewier skin in the morning with the amazing scent of rose to wake up to.

Plumped up skin

I didn’t want to rinse off – I felt like I was at a spa at home


This mask is Indeed magical and it’s one of the first skin care products this year that has made me go WOW WOW WOW NEXT LEVEL!

I have seen and tried SO MUCH SKINCARE in the past year so you guys know exactly what I mean.


Do You need it???

One word


Fresh is always up to creating the most beautiful skincare but – THEY HAVE UPPED THEIR GAME with this sleeping mask. They Have totally raised the bar for sleeping masks . PERIOD!


FRESH ROSE DEEP HYDRATION SLEEPING MASK is available at Sephora April 9th!!!!

All love


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*pr sample for review – all views are my own


  1. I definitely need this! I’ve loved everything I’ve tried from Fresh. I hope to try this one sometime soon!! ❤ Xo


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