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Hello BeYouties ! Happy 2017 – Again …..

As Bloggers we all take a Ton of photos …… I was looking through My photo stream on my computer after Christmas and was really amazed at all the snaps.

Nearly 20,000!

Now a Ton of those are personal photos but in looking through and reflecting on LAST YEAR….

I realized that Taking a Photo is really an Art form.

I have fallen in love with Photography and really Love the creative process of it all.

Here are some product shots from 2016 that I really adore!

This one –


From Lipstick Love which You can read about Here

This – I adore this because of the leaves ….


You can read about Juice Beauty Lip Love Here 

This is one of My super duper faves

the colour – the brightness


You can read about Honey Potion Here 

I adore adding Green to everything ….

I have a lot of plants and am continuously looking for more !


You can read about the products in this post Here, 

This I love because of the black and the reflection – this Gorgeous notebook went to my Dad for Christmas – He Loves Armani !


You Can read about This Gorgeousness Here

More Fragrance Yes

I love this one because of the petals


I dream about flowers – FOR REAL !

You can read this post Here 

This is still just on Instagram and a review is coming soon – Hint ! They are great

I love adding my own drawings and will be doing that more in 2017!

It’s fun!


Have a Beautiful beginning of the Year!



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  1. ChantalOpalFrame

    I love your photos, Cat!! You are so talented. I can feel emotion behind all of the shots, and aesthetically they are beautiful. xo

  2. Batool

    All the pictures look great! My new years resolutions is to improve my photography skill. Hopefully they’ll turn out as great as yours 😊

  3. stashy

    My favourite is of course, all those lipsticks!!! ❤
    And those Versace perfumes – the petals and the way the bottles look, so pretty! 🙂
    I'll never have the patience to prop my shots – hence everything is against plain backgrounds!

    1. Cat Forsley

      I love the way you do it – your style stasherooooo …
      i guess my patience is growing ? xoxoxxoxoxxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxo
      and must have flowers ……….
      resolution to the max

    1. Cat Forsley

      I love you toooooooooo xo xo xo xo xo it took me a long time for that one – wink – that’s the new year vibe ……..
      #enjoyeverymoment xoxoxxoxoxoxxoxo

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