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Hello BeYouties ! Happy 2017 – Again …..

As Bloggers we all take a Ton of photos …… I was looking through My photo stream on my computer after Christmas and was really amazed at all the snaps.

Nearly 20,000!

Now a Ton of those are personal photos but in looking through and reflecting on LAST YEAR….

I realized that Taking a Photo is really an Art form.

I have fallen in love with Photography and really Love the creative process of it all.

Here are some product shots from 2016 that I really adore!

This one –


From Lipstick Love which You can read about Here

This – I adore this because of the leaves ….


You can read about Juice Beauty Lip Love Here 

This is one of My super duper faves

the colour – the brightness


You can read about Honey Potion Here 

I adore adding Green to everything ….

I have a lot of plants and am continuously looking for more !


You can read about the products in this post Here, 

This I love because of the black and the reflection – this Gorgeous notebook went to my Dad for Christmas – He Loves Armani !


You Can read about This Gorgeousness Here

More Fragrance Yes

I love this one because of the petals


I dream about flowers – FOR REAL !

You can read this post Here 

This is still just on Instagram and a review is coming soon – Hint ! They are great

I love adding my own drawings and will be doing that more in 2017!

It’s fun!


Have a Beautiful beginning of the Year!



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  1. I love your photos, Cat!! You are so talented. I can feel emotion behind all of the shots, and aesthetically they are beautiful. xo

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  2. My favourite is of course, all those lipsticks!!! ❤
    And those Versace perfumes – the petals and the way the bottles look, so pretty! 🙂
    I'll never have the patience to prop my shots – hence everything is against plain backgrounds!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love the way you do it – your style stasherooooo …
      i guess my patience is growing ? xoxoxxoxoxxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxo
      and must have flowers ……….
      resolution to the max


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