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Hello BeYouties!

Today I am unboxing something very lovely that came just a little while ago

belif cosmetic

and a lot of it!

It all came right to my home in a gorgeous black bag – I just loved the presentation!

I love it with brands & PR Firms do this…

It really gives an extra little bit of beauty to everything.

I tore open the bag quickly and jumped on their website

take a Look!

I love it!

I am someone that adores the science of Beauty as You probably know by now and so the interactive website is an added bonus.

What I Received

Winter Moisture Land

belif mylipaddiction winter.jpg

It includes-

The True Cream – Aqua Bomb Moisturizer

This is a cream that I have been seeing everywhere!

A Ton of Interesting Press on this product.

As today is an Unboxing post – I will get into proper reviews in a little while

Hungarian Water Essence  

A Recharger serum that offers long term hydration

Also Included in the Limited edition kit is

Creamy Cleansing Foam Moist

A vitamin-C packed creamy foam cleanser with natural herbs that gently yet effectively remove makeup and impurities while hydrating the skin.

Hello Vitamin C – So nice to see you again!

It’s very cold in Toronto right now

It’s January and that means working on keeping my skin as hydrated and bright as possible.

Kindly- They also sent

Mild and Effective Facial Scrub – Full Size 

Mild and effective facial scrub - Mylipaddiction.com .jpg
A natural two-in-one facial scrub that gently yet effectively cleanses and exfoliates skin.

As well as

First Aid Overnight Brightening Mask – Full Size 

belif first aid masque - MyLipaddiction.com .jpg
A brightening mask that can be left on overnight to reveal radiant skin by morning.

Very excited to try this !

And last but not least

another Beautiful Full Size

The True Cream – Moisturizing Bomb – Rich cream for Face 

belif the true cream - mylipaddiction.com.jpg
A comforting moisturizing cream for normal to dry skin types that provides the skin with intense hydration, leaving it supple, smooth, and deeply nourished.


I played a bit with everything yesterday and was just so impressed with everything from design to scent to ingredients!

I will get into each product as I try and test and Enjoy !

belif cosmetic is new to Canada so this is extra fun !

Thanks Very much To belif Canada 


and Faulhaber Communications



see You soon!

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*This post features item(s) received as PR samples or for reviewing purposes but the opinions reflected are mine and solely mine



  1. Are these Korean made? I’m just curious since this brand seemed to have come out of nowhere, and I saw they have a separate stand at The Face Shop at the mall. I didn’t know they were associated with The Face Shop. Very curious! Especially that True Cream! Makes me wonder if I have been using the Dishonest Cream all along…

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    1. yes my sweet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they kinda flew into CANADA like boom
      check the cute website
      ur gonna freak
      the only thing i had a chance to play with so far the true cream – the original
      it reminds me of Sunday R – Tidal – in it’s consistency ……………..
      2 true creams – i will have more later cuz this is science

      I haven’t gone shopping for a while – except for longer pants – ha
      so haven’t investigated the face shop
      the scent and ingredients – so far – whilst i was doing my reading are really fascinating xo

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      1. Ooh if the True Cream is a cheaper alternative to Sunday Riley then that will be BIG NEWS! 😮 Looking forward to seeing your review! The Face Shop is great – you should go look. You’ll be the only BLONDE in there though – everyone is Asian. It’ll be like when you were a kid living in China all over again! 😆

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yep and you would b MAD
          i did not keep the sunday to compare ……..
          i think I finished it when I moved …..

          I will go look soon xo
          China all over again – Yes please xo


    1. I kinda thought you would xo that part of the world …… xo ❤ they all smell amazing xxxxxx
      and yes – very soon xo
      Thanks love and no pancake texturizer today xoxoxoxxoxoxxoxoxoxoxox

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  2. Great post! The scrub and the overnight mask looks great! I’m loving both true creams, aqua and moisture! My skin has been not so nice with the winter, and this has helped. I can see why that this is the number one skin care brand in Korea!

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