Lipstick Love –

Super Quick Post today!  Inspired – Very Inspired!

When I saw this article on Dave Lackie’s site about Lisa Eldridge.. I was a tiny bit captivated.

Most of the time I review Skincare – But my Super Passion in Beauty is Lipstick …

From Dave’s Website

“The latest project to come out of her studio is a reimagining of the luxe lipstick collection called L’Absolu Rouge. To mark the 25th anniversary of Lancome’s luxe lipstick, Lisa has created 50 new shades with a brand new formula. It’s a harmonious shade range of pinks, reds, corals and plums in sheer, cream and matte textures that work on all skin tones. These lipsticks contain an exclusive micro-particle complex to reveal the most luminous and vibrant colours.”

Dreamy or what !

Yes Dreamy !

I am Not a makeup artist Obviously ! In all honesty I would rather have my makeup done ANYDAY!

The Article and the new collection inspired me to Play with some of what I have a bit more.


I regularly mix my own colour combinations and people always ask –


I usually shrug my shoulders and say – it’s a huge mix ….

I think I am going to start documenting my new colour combinations .

I am that Passionate about mixing colour and formulations.

These are some of my Faves….


I think I am going to do one new colour swatch/ combination a week.

Should be fun !


Have a beautiful day !!!!



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  1. OH MY GAWD. How long did it take you to set up that photo? Did you knock any of them over and the other ones beside it fell over too like dominoes?
    I rarely mix my lipsticks but I always WANT to. I’m too lazy… 😛

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