Lipstick Love –

Super Quick Post today!  Inspired – Very Inspired!

When I saw this article on Dave Lackie’s site about Lisa Eldridge.. I was a tiny bit captivated.

Most of the time I review Skincare – But my Super Passion in Beauty is Lipstick …

From Dave’s Website

“The latest project to come out of her studio is a reimagining of the luxe lipstick collection called L’Absolu Rouge. To mark the 25th anniversary of Lancome’s luxe lipstick, Lisa has created 50 new shades with a brand new formula. It’s a harmonious shade range of pinks, reds, corals and plums in sheer, cream and matte textures that work on all skin tones. These lipsticks contain an exclusive micro-particle complex to reveal the most luminous and vibrant colours.”

Dreamy or what !

Yes Dreamy !

I am Not a makeup artist Obviously ! In all honesty I would rather have my makeup done ANYDAY!

The Article and the new collection inspired me to Play with some of what I have a bit more.


I regularly mix my own colour combinations and people always ask –


I usually shrug my shoulders and say – it’s a huge mix ….

I think I am going to start documenting my new colour combinations .

I am that Passionate about mixing colour and formulations.

These are some of my Faves….


I think I am going to do one new colour swatch/ combination a week.

Should be fun !


Have a beautiful day !!!!





  1. OH MY GAWD. How long did it take you to set up that photo? Did you knock any of them over and the other ones beside it fell over too like dominoes?
    I rarely mix my lipsticks but I always WANT to. I’m too lazy… 😛

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