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This Month has definitely been about connecting to what I love most in Beauty,

Lipstick – RED Lipstick …..

Yes I love a lot of other stuff that I have reviewed and / or in- cooperated into my routine and even Loved …. But Hey Lipstick – You are the reason I started a beauty blog

Simple Post – Not so simple colour – RED !


TEEEZ COSMETICS – Material Girl Lipstick – Tainted Love – Fave red of the year – Perfect Marilyn red…

CLARINS – Joli Rouge #742 – Classic red – great design – I have had this forever – seemingly…

MUGLER –  A red that is beyond all beyonds and I just started using it this month – It’s Not sold online – I received this at a Dave Lackie event for Angel Muse . I had to start Using it.  IT’S SO PRETTY!


MAC – Charlotte – from last years Limited edition ….. collab . Gulp


Here they are swatched in Natural light -MAC is the only matte – the others are super moisture – which I LOVE!



These are all fierce reds ….

I don’t think I can go back to Pinks or nudes until Spring comes !

Do You have any favourite reds ?



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47 thoughts on “October’s Most Loved – (Just Lips) – MyLipAddiction.com

    1. you got my mail xxx yeah ? bright ideas too early in the morning 🙂 Yeah there is the DEAD SEXY one from TEEEZ – love their creamy moisture GOODNESSSSSSS XO

  1. Oh my God! How did I missed this one?! Such beautiful reds! Oh my! Femme Fatale is all of them!! ❤❤❤ love love love 💋💋💋 I’m liking Burberry military red, which you already know, of course Dior, NARS lip pencil in Cruella for darker red and as then good all mixing depending on the mood 😉

      1. Yes!! That was a great idea. Wish they’ll do that again. I don’t have much MAC coz I had a really bad reaction a few years back but I guess I might have to start trying their lippies again. Hehe and yes! I am doin OK (melting here in the Philippines) haha

    1. Hi beauty xo you know what i just thought – before Christmas we should set up a get together for the GRLS , hey ? wouldn’t that be fun xoxoxox
      sending hugs xo

  2. Those are all awesome! Specially the MAC one! I only have 2 red lipsticks, one from the drugstore and one YSL, and I actually prefer the cheaper one because is more blue toned

    1. i like the blue toned ones too xo That mac i ran in pj’s to get it – last year i think in the summer – that collection – i never run in my pj’s ……Lol
      YEAH – they don’t have to be expensive right ? xo

  3. We talked about reds many times and you know how I feel but I am really liking TEEEZ Tainted Love! I have to get more lipsticks from this brand! The packaging is great too.

    1. u need help picking ? i run a service …. Lol xoxoxoxxoxoxoxox Yes but YOU CAN DO REDS – they just need to have a yellow undertone …… 1 800 pic lips LOL

        1. do u like the service number tho ? ………… LOL it should be 1 900 – ❤ ❤ ❤ it could be a muted blue red – SOFT – see if u put orangey reds on – ALL U SEE IS LIPS – i think everything can work on everyone – it's just degrees and shades ……. xo

  4. I LOVE the look of red on others (especially YOU)…not so much on me, I don’t know why lol. I guess I just need to get more comfortable with my lips really standing out. I’m loving the teeze one above and love to read that it’s moisturizing, too. I really need to head to The Bay and play around with their stuff!

    1. XO you can wear RED …………………. ❤ ❤ look at Dead Sexy – Teeez or CLARINS #742 is so beautiful .. i really made a big swatch – LIKE WENT over it 3 times – its not as bright – but CLEAR xxxxx i think u would like in all clear reds xo

  5. Red is my favourite lipstick colour, I love bright reds and burgundy. My perfect red is a blue red more on the ruby side, so a bit darker, compared to a poppy shade

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