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This Month has definitely been about connecting to what I love most in Beauty,

Lipstick – RED Lipstick …..

Yes I love a lot of other stuff that I have reviewed and / or in- cooperated into my routine and even Loved …. But Hey Lipstick – You are the reason I started a beauty blog

Simple Post – Not so simple colour – RED !


TEEEZ COSMETICS – Material Girl Lipstick – Tainted Love – Fave red of the year – Perfect Marilyn red…

CLARINS – Joli Rouge #742Β – Classic red – great design – I have had this forever – seemingly…

MUGLER – Β A red that is beyond all beyonds and I just started using it this month – It’s Not sold online – I received this at a Dave Lackie event for Angel Muse . I had to start Using it. Β IT’S SO PRETTY!


MAC – Charlotte – from last years Limited edition ….. collab . Gulp


Here they are swatched in Natural light -MAC is the only matte – the others are super moisture – which I LOVE!



These are all fierce reds ….

I don’t think I can go back to Pinks or nudes until Spring comes !

Do You have any favourite reds ?



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  1. Oh my God! How did I missed this one?! Such beautiful reds! Oh my! Femme Fatale is all of them!! ❀❀❀ love love love πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ I’m liking Burberry military red, which you already know, of course Dior, NARS lip pencil in Cruella for darker red and as then good all mixing depending on the mood πŸ˜‰

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      1. Yes!! That was a great idea. Wish they’ll do that again. I don’t have much MAC coz I had a really bad reaction a few years back but I guess I might have to start trying their lippies again. Hehe and yes! I am doin OK (melting here in the Philippines) haha

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  2. Those are all awesome! Specially the MAC one! I only have 2 red lipsticks, one from the drugstore and one YSL, and I actually prefer the cheaper one because is more blue toned

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    1. i like the blue toned ones too xo That mac i ran in pj’s to get it – last year i think in the summer – that collection – i never run in my pj’s ……Lol
      YEAH – they don’t have to be expensive right ? xo


  3. We talked about reds many times and you know how I feel but I am really liking TEEEZ Tainted Love! I have to get more lipsticks from this brand! The packaging is great too.

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        1. do u like the service number tho ? ………… LOL it should be 1 900 – ❀ ❀ ❀ it could be a muted blue red – SOFT – see if u put orangey reds on – ALL U SEE IS LIPS – i think everything can work on everyone – it's just degrees and shades ……. xo


  4. I LOVE the look of red on others (especially YOU)…not so much on me, I don’t know why lol. I guess I just need to get more comfortable with my lips really standing out. I’m loving the teeze one above and love to read that it’s moisturizing, too. I really need to head to The Bay and play around with their stuff!

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    1. XO you can wear RED …………………. ❀ ❀ look at Dead Sexy – Teeez or CLARINS #742 is so beautiful .. i really made a big swatch – LIKE WENT over it 3 times – its not as bright – but CLEAR xxxxx i think u would like in all clear reds xo


  5. Red is my favourite lipstick colour, I love bright reds and burgundy. My perfect red is a blue red more on the ruby side, so a bit darker, compared to a poppy shade


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