#ClarinsBeauty Part 2

Happy Monday Loves ! I hope You all had a great one!

Today I am Going a bit more in depth with the chat that Eric Antoniotti & Dave Lackie were having during the magical event, last week on the 17th at the Arcadian room.

Let’s get right to it!

Here Eric: International Artistic & Training Director at Clarins talks about his Love for Nature and How it inspires His Vision for skincare and makeup. He Talks about Corsica – His place of Birth & the beauty and strength of all that is Natural around us.

Inspiring right !

As Promised in my last post

Here is a little more about one the products we all received in our goodie bags that night.  I am starting with THE LIPSTICK.  Why is LIPSTICK in capitals ? Because It’s so amazing that I had to grab another one last week.

We all received Soft Plum #744 Joli Rouge and a few days after I went to the Clarins counter and got myself #742 Joli Riuge – It Really is the Ultimate red.  I have been wearing Soft Plum non stop and at this point – I will need a new one in a week ! The Formulation is so smooth and hydrating. This is what made me want to try another one ASAP.! Supple lips and beautiful pigmentation. I had been used to wearing so many mattes lately that these are a welcome change.

I Have received sooo many compliments on The Soft plum on me. More than any LIPSTICK ever!

And as My website name implies I am a Lipstick addict.


Here they are both swatched in natural light.


Do You see why I like Joli Rouge #742?  It’s that perfect glamorous red! I Could totally imagine Marilyn Monroe – my all time favourite – wearing this shade.

In my opinion, both these shades are universal.

So There You have it – Lots more Eric Antoniotti and a bit of conversation with Dave Lackie and More LIPSTICK!

I have been wearing the other products we received all week so I will be back soon with more. I just wanted to get a bit of video up!

Have a beautiful Monday xo

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