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Hello Beauties !

July was the most minimal month (makeupwise) perhaps EVER.

I focused mostly on skincare and kinda reevaluated what was going on in my armoire!

It was a Fabulous Month in every way and I just Can’t believe August is here!

So Here are my Faves for July!

July Favourites MylIpaddiction.com


Estée Lauder Daywear – I adore This. Naked face, a tiny bit of tint that really melts and just gives me a wash of Glow. Very Natural Looking – Nothing over the top.

Air di Gioia – Giorgio Armani–  Summer Fragrance Fave – Yes !  #ArmaniJoy – Thanks To Dave Lackie and the beautiful Canadian Armani team.

As I mentioned in my write up/ review -and I will say it again this scent has wings. It’s dreamy and angelic and carries me like a daydream.  Engraved bottle – A seriously Beautiful Gem.

FARMACY Beauty New Day Gentle Exfoliating Grains with Green Envy

I am Using this every evening now and I find it really has made a difference in my skin. One of my sweetest friends is a pharmacist and so I trust her opinion a ton. She told me that my skin looked smoother and more balanced – tone wise. I knew that already from just looking in the mirror but when someone that looks at You in a more scientific/ analytical way tells you something, it reinforces what You already know.

FARMACY Beauty Sleep Tight Firming Night Balm with Green Envy

Speaking of skin TONE- Hello – No more Redness in my skin. None! I have been using this for about 3 weeks now. I’ve noticed that my skin looks more plump and dewy. This is Fabulous and really an all purpose balm. Lips, around the eyes and It even removes eye makeup. Seriously amazing. Every time I see an Echinacea plant and there are tons around where I live – I totally want to pick it and bring it home…… But I don’t!

Echinacea MylipAddiction.com

And lastly a lipstick that I got Last Year .

CLARINS Joli Rouge 742-  Really the perfect red. This one goes on smoothly with a slight blue undertone and is so fantastic on an almost naked face.

Well You Guys – as always thanks for reading and so excited for August – Excited in general !

I am Going to do my first empties post soon – Omg !  Again – Organization is fun!

So Much Going on this week so see You soony !



*PR Samples included – except CLARINS- Joli Rouge 742- and as always these are my opinions.



    1. Hi beautiful !!!!!! I am well !!!!!!!! Hope You are too xo bUZZZY as A BEEE
      it’s a great universal red xxx Go try …..
      me too with the strong mouth and barely there everything else xxx


  1. I’ve been doing some organizing too. It’s shocking how those sample jars multiple!
    The Clarins lippies are so comfy to wear – I have coral colour what I keep neglecting. Me thinks I need to dig it out! 😛

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      1. No lippies until my core sore heals! And you know what, I was supposed to go for my new Health Card picture this week – that’s not happening now! 😥

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    1. xo Hi ! My skin is on the drier side – i would totally recommend getting a sample of it first 🙂 I think it’s a great every day product and just adds a bit of colour to the face – in a really subtle way /// xxx It’s worth getting a sample for sure xo


  2. Great choices! I’m don’t wear a ton of fragrances (scent-free work environment) but your description of the Air di Gioia just sounds so heavenly! I need to start to remembering to wear perfumes on the weekend. I always forget about them since I can’t really wear them during the week.

    The Clarins Joli Rouge 742 sounds great too! It seems very universal!

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