Review – Estée Lauder DayWear

So let’s get onto my review for today

Estée Lauder DayWear Multi-Protection Sheer Tint Release Moisturizer SPF 15

Estée Lauder DayWear

I received this kindly a few weeks ago from Lauder Canada’s Gorgeous event hosted by Dave Lackie and Wow!

Less is definitely more this time of year as the humidity and temperature are High!

What a Unique formula ! I am super fascinated by the texture of this.

It feels like a primer – that smoothing feeling

and yet sinks into the skin as great moisturizers do.


From their website

Product Details

This unique tinted moisturizer enhances any skintone with a healthy, even-toned glow.
Skin looks smoother, more even-toned. Perfectly hydrated, powerfully protected, positively radiant.
The lightweight formula transforms before your eyes into a radiant tint, with one sheer shade that works for virtually every skintone. Gives skin a fresh, even-toned new glow.

Apply every AM after your Repair Serum.
Goes on untinted, then the tint appears as you blend it in.

Things I adore about this

The Gorgeous minimalistic design

A Very Light Cucumber scent- very refreshing

The way it goes on – so smoothly

Minimizes the look of pores

The Only thing that could be better for me is a Higher SPF.

As I was perusing their website and Drooling! I saw that they have a BB Cream with an SPF of 35 …..Their website is slowly becoming one of my hangouts! So Much beauty + science – Hello!

Estée Lauder DayWear

So this is How I use it

I apply 5 little dots of product – forehead – cheeks- chin & nose

avoid eye area and let the product absorb in.

Then I apply my foundation

Right now I am using Shiseido Synchro Skin Long lasting Foundation in Neutral 4

This foundation has a broad spectrum SPF of 20

I find that the combination of the 2 products

is absolutely perfect for my skintype

You know how excited you get when you find the perfect combination for your skin!

Well that’s me right now!

DayWear is such a unique and beautiful product, as it really enhances and neutralizes any unevenness in the tone of the skin. The texture and radiance it gives alone are really fantastic!

There are so many ways I can wear it and again that’s what I am loving these days. Products that hold many benefits in their properties and can be used alone or with others.

I am super in love with this – The science is really intelligent !

I hope You enjoyed my review and little update !!!

xo See You soony as I am working on a mega FUN summer beauty edit wishlist!

editing episodes and You Know!- All that fun stuff!

xo Cat

 * This product was gratis but OBVIOUSLY these are my own views !



  1. Oooo this sounds so nice! I really need to try more from Estee Lauder in terms of their skincare, they have so many nice sounding moisturisers and tinted creams!

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    1. i KNOW – you would love this ………… just because its UNIQUE – a little bit like CT – you know that glow product she has >? can’t remember at the moment lol xo

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  2. This moisturizer is the real deal. I love it and it works great on all skin tones which is mega impressive. Great review, it’s cool to hear it works well under a foundation as I haven’t tried it that way. I’ve quickly fallen in love with their skincare stuff too, so your not alone… I’m about to lose a lot of money LOL.

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    1. LOL xxxxx yeah the site right HELLO ……. so Good – its a HANGOUT …………… Try with diff foundations on ur arm and see what happens – its so interesting to see it blend differently with products xxxx Hope ur well xoxox


    1. yes xxxx Trial and errrrrrror like a gazillion times – the great thing – HEY PRIMER MOSITURIZER – ur also an spf ,,. PLUS u play nice with synchro skin ,,,,,, lol xo

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  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes!!! And ahhh the celebration will continue allll the way until THURSDAY! ❤
    I think it would be QUITE informative to understand some behind the scenes on what's involved in a podcast – but don't reveal TOO many trade secrets! 😉
    This EL moisturizer sounds like a great multi-functional item! And the perfect item to toss into your bag for a casual weekend away. 😀

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    1. thursday??? didn’t u say a full week ……. THAT’S WHAT I DO XXXXXXXXX
      maybe later this summer we can do a Blooper reel ? so many ideas ,,,,
      I hope the first day of your Birth Day week has been fantastic ,,,,, i am so glad GLAD GLAD we are Friends xxxx
      i left u a message – You know How i feel xxxx
      and yes 7/14
      “ON AIR ” YOU
      XO so Happy miss 7 11 xxx
      Love xo Cat xo
      Matilda love xxxx

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      1. Haha a bloopers reel! How about the 1st taping we did LMAO. All them cuts! Poor you!
        You know what, I actually haven’t seen Matilda the movie! I should rent that.

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        1. You haven’t ? YOU need to xxxxxxxxxxx everytime i watch it i am transported magically to childhood 🙂 xxx 1o hours later omg -hey it’s exciting to record something permanent in our universe – There was a lot of energy going on – ——– 10 hours later xo Lol ?????? Nope


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