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Hi Hi Hi!

This is like my personal Estée Edit! These are Favourites that I so kindly received during Wednesday’s Fabulous Event!

I do adore the skincare as well – Hello Amazing!

 Since I write a ton about skincare- I thought I would jump into the makeup!

Estée Lauder is now – in my top big Brands – because of these Beautiful products.

Jumping Right in!

Estée Lauder Favourites - MyLipaddiction.com
Estée Lauder Favourites – MyLipaddiction.com

Those two Gorgeous lipsticks – Wow!

Great Design-Magnet enclosure-Super creamy lustrous and Warm Toned!

Now that it’s full on summer I have some colour – Thank Goodness for self tanner and spray tans! Makes all the difference!  This is perfect summer makeup and warms me up even more.

Naked Ambition + Insatiable Ivory

My favourite of the 2 –

Insatiable Ivory


Here they are Swatched in natural light

Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick -

And Hello Gorgeous Blush that is BETTER than NARS – Orgasm – in my opinion – More Subtle yet way Longer lasting. Still with that tiny fleck of Gold- yet Lauder’s Formulation is finer milled.

Peach Passion

Super silky and luminous without being too loud on the cheeks

A Natural Flush

Sorry NARS – I Like Peach Passion more !

Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer 02 Medium

I have wanted this bronzer forever – It’s just so gorgeous and I even like the brush that comes with it. I usually don’t!

The Size alone is so Glam and sweeps on sensually to give the perfect Glow.

And lastly a gorgeous eye pencil that DOES NOT MOVE!

Double Wear Stay In Place Eye Pencil in Coffee

Perfect colour – I’m so excited to get more into brown for my blue eyes.

I have been wearing black liner forever and this one just makes them look Blu-er!

The other end of the liner has a little smudger- so fun to play with!

Super Creamy and wears and wears!

So Happy!

Here are the products mentioned above swatched with the bronzer brush in natural lght

MyLipaddiction.com Estée Lauder

OMG Do I love these- and will be wearing them all summer long !

Thanks for stopping by …. again!

*These products were gratis but as always these are my opinions


See You soony!



  1. Great review Cat! I agree 100%.All the products are top notch fabulous. The Bronze Goddess compact is so ginormous. Barely fits in my drawer. That’s okay though since it is so pretty you don’t mind leaving it out! Seriously, the ladies can’t go wrong with any of these. Love the eye pencil too. I too have blue eyes and find browns play them up nicely!!

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    1. Hi beauty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know you have blue eyes ….. wink xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxxo the bronzer is omg-Goddess and well yeah …… as you said – Top notch xxx


    1. you message meeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rather email ! Thurs is the launch and the giveaway will run til Sat – so email me a few days that are good for you and i will write you back with the time xx

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  2. EEeeek everything is so beautiful! That blush though! So pretty! I’ve always wanted to try their lipsticks though, they look so gorgeous! And that bronzer too eek amazing!

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  3. Oooh I’ve been waiting to oogle over the pretties! What a bunch of WEARABLE makeup. You know I’m all about that.
    Yes EL blushes are so overlooked – I mentioned to you before I love the shade called “Lover’s Blush”. Nars can’t TOUCH how finely milled these are! (I can’t stand Nars Orgasm – such a glitter bomb). That bronzer will honestly last you a lifetime, haha.
    Oh yes, browns / bronzes would make your blue eye POP, like whoa!
    Enjoy your goodies, Cat! ❤

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