Skincare Routine – Night✨ –

Happy Tuesday! I wrote that I was Going to write about my skincare routine last week as it has improved a ton and I am finally happy with a regimen that works for me! Today I am focusing on Night.  My Nighttime skincare routine is one of my favourite parts of the day.  I think […]

Read More Beauty Podcast Episode 4

That was a nice little time off from social media altogether – ahh ! sigh – L O V E L Y Hope You are all well ! Tonight on the podcast – It’s just me! YEP!!!! I talk about WHY I started this beauty podcast, some of my favourite brands and a tiny bit […]

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#LauderLovesCanada- My Faves –

Hi Hi Hi! This is like my personal Estée Edit! These are Favourites that I so kindly received during Wednesday’s Fabulous Event! I do adore the skincare as well – Hello Amazing!  Since I write a ton about skincare- I thought I would jump into the makeup! Estée Lauder is now – in my top big […]

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