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Hello Amazing Beauties!!!!

What a Fabulous July so far !

I am writing this post up in 2 parts because – well it’s OBVIOUS! There is so much to SHARE!

Being invited to this kind of event is so bedazzling and really infuses You with JOY!

I’m a pretty Joyful human being to start with so as You can imagine – connecting with like minded beauty bloggers and beauty enthusiasts – My heart soars!

I am sharing photos and video today because they really do express the sheer beauty of this event!

Part 2 will be about what we kindly received from the distinguished and VERY generous Armani Team & Dave Lackie!

Giorgio Armani celebrated his birthday on Monday the 11th so it’s been a week long party!

Before I even thought about what I was going to wear- (yes pull out the tutu when it’s super hot and humid out!) I read the Beautiful Article written by Dave Lackie on Mr. Armani and His Passion and perfectionism.

Everyone Knows who Armani is …..

But in saying this – I knew nothing until I read the article and did the research!  I encourage you to as I believe that this kind of Passion is probably the most inspiring aspect of being in the beauty industry.

“Perfectionism, and the need to always have new goals and achieve them, is a state of mind that brings profound meaning to life.”
—Giorgio Armani

As a child I loved beauty and was given every opportunity to express myself by my parents and grandparents. From singing to painting-being fully immersed in creativity makes you really appreciate all the beauty in the world! There is so much to discover and to be enthralled with!

So much Magic to #ArmaniJoy!

Gioia means JOY – Now I need to learn Italian !

This more than perfect event was held at the Shangri-la Hotel in the downtown area of Toronto. Stunning Hotel -Understatement!

I love getting to events Early

ArmaniJoy mylipaddiction.com

MLA Armani Joy 1

Beach themed and breathtaking !

#Armani Joy 3 MyLipaddiction.com

#ArmaniJoy 2 MyLipaddiction.com

Celebrating Perfume Launches of this calibre – well It’s a Big wow in my life!

I have so Much to tell You Beauties about the perfumes in my next post- wink!

A Sumptuous Breakfast

#ArmaniJoy 4 MyLipaddiction.cxom

Dave Lackie and Maya Azzi -Senior Marketing Manager for Giorgio Armani Fragrances in Canada.

See what I mean by JOY! Look at those smiles!

Maya and Dave - MyLipaddiction.com

Beautiful flowers everywhere!

Armani JOY MLA

As many of You know, I am almost always on Twitter 

It’s Fast-& I truly love to share there!

I’ve connected with so Many amazing people there and social networking wise – It’s My favourite.

So in my first #ArmaniJoy post – I wanted to share some of the on the spot JOY that I take at these VIP Events! The Fact that these events are interactive and so very lively- well

 I’ll let these moments speak for themselves!


I do feel like a beauty editor because there is so MUCH beauty to take in and appreciate!

So Much! It’s Overwhelming in the most magical of ways!

You see the timeline…….. ha !!!!!!

And then you get home and take off the heels and well – there is always MORE beauty.

My soul bro Daniel made this Video

and well he summed it all Up with such energy


Do You see why I need to do a second part to this GORGEOUS event!

I haven’t even touched upon the fragrances…… YET!

This is one of my favourite photos

AW and I MyLipaddiction.com

Adele Wright and Myself

I felt like a Little kid! up up and away with the beautiful balloons!


So I will see You soon with part 2 of #ArmaniJoy!

I am really inspired to BE more INSPIRED – in every which way!

Thank You to Dave Lackie and The Canadian Armani team !


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  1. Looks amazing as all Dave’s events do!! I absolutely love the beach theme. So happy that you had the opportunity to go. I wish we had a Dave over here! Lol Beautiful post & pics!!

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