Top 5 for Fall/ Winter (Skin) Collab💋

Happy Monday!

Stash Matters Jodi from A Brash Attitude & I have been planning this post FOREVER!

we call ourselves the Brainiax ! DON’T ASK !!!!! ha

We thought we would collaborate on a skincare post.

Now You Guys all know how much I Love my skincare.

Lipstick, Skincare and Fashion are my favourite three topics in the beauty world.

Here are my top as we get into the super chillllllllllll.

Some products I am sticking with – and some – Using in a different manner to get the most hydration.

Mint Julips Lush Lip Scrub 

This stuff is amazing! I always start my day with this. I so dislike having dry lips and this one is the only one I have truly loved. With all the Liquid lip colour I use -This is perfect to prime as well. Totally natural and it smells divine.

Bolstering Borage eye cream by Holistic Vanity 

Almost Out of this little all natural baby. This one has lasted a long while as you only need a tiny bit! I have become totally fascinated by Borage and what it can do. This totally makes me look like I have had 8 hours of sleep.

Pure + Simple Organic Rose Hydrosol 

Now this beautiful Hydrosol – Think “Toner” but better – as It’s basically like spraying rose petal essence on Your face. I only started using this about 10 days ago and I am all in!  I spray my face once I have exfoliated my face or right before my serum.  So Hydrating and nourishing. I even use it before bed. Gorgeous! We all definitely need extra hydration as we get into winter. These kind of hydrosols are necessary all year round.

Pure + Simple Minimalist Face cream 

This face cream has been my favourite since I started using it at the end of the summer. almost empty! It’s a staple in my routine. I have never done an “empties” post but I have about 2 more uses of this awesome cream left . Sqqqqqqqueeeeeze.

Time for a new one!

I can only say that I see a mega change in the tone and elasticity of my skin. This is an all year cream. Loaded with natural Goodness  Light in texture – loaded with ingredients that assist skin cell renewal at a faster rate. I love the whole Minimalist Line!

and lastly I have been using Martina Gebhardt’s Aloe cream as a mask 2x a week. This was in My favourites before but I have found a new way to use it. I layer it on thick right before bed and just let it sink it. I wake Up with baby soft skin and I guess I would call this my new “sleeping mask” now. That’s the biggest thing during fall and winter – More masks – more hydration during the evening.

So That’s what I am using – We kept it to 5 products for this post – I obviously use a ton more, but in the spirit of transitioning weather: I kept it to my essentials!

Excited to see what Stash and Jodi post and as always, Thanks for reading!


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* all products, except Lush’s mint julips were gratis.



            1. it’s just around the corner from me – HA ………. ❤ LUSH is very dangerous …..once ur in there – I get woozy and forget where i am ,…….. LOL XXX it's the scent of everything xo

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  1. I love that Mint Julips lip scrub! I’ve made a DIY version of it before – I’ll post about it on my blog sooooon. 😛
    I’ve used the Pure + Simple Hydrosol before – I don’t remember which, but I remember going, huh, what’s that supposed to do? But it was GREAT. I need to get back into that brand… when we MEET up! You can show me around. 😛
    Fantabulous choices! ❤

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  2. Fantastic collab from 3 gorgeous ladies!!!! Cat I NEED these things in my life huni – I’m withering up over here in Ireland….. cold weather and my pale skin just don’t get on!!! Nightmare lol lol My shopping list just got extended by 5 glorious products lol 😀 XXXXXXXXXXXX

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      1. Haaaaaa, I’m like a bowl of last years Pot Pourri huni… all dried up!! lol Oooh that sounds interesting – if I don’t get to do it this side of Christmas I’d for sure put something in early new year… a girl has to have a little treat every now and again 😉 hehe XXXX

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