Bite Lip Lab – Gimme RED

Hi Guys

So OBVIOUSLY – Austen Made me the most fabulous red!

It’s been my favourite colour since the end of summer and I can’t get enough….

He created a Blue red with some pink undertones and it’s like a jewel.

The finish is Luminous Satin – and the scent/ flavour is cherry vanilla.



We also received a lip kit that has their amazing whipped cherry scrub, THEIR FAMOUS Agave lip mask and line & define lip primer 

All Exclusive to Sephora

and the sweetest EXTRA Gift you get whilst at The Lip Lab 


So here is my new RED – FABULOUS

AND WE ALSO had a choice of a Metallic – I chose Opal as It’s so Gorgeous on top of anything

You will definitely see me wearing this RED on IG STORIES – everywhere – No way I was swatching it – ha ! Too precious ! Will Not waste!


Thanks for reading loves and We had so much fun



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As mentioned before this experience was gratis – and all views are my own

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26 thoughts on “Bite Lip Lab – Gimme RED

    1. i called it austen yum yum 2 xo 🙂 it’s kind of a silly joke between Austen the lip lab genius and I and YES i will do many stories xo I will tag You xo all Love

  1. What are your shades called?! Did you give them names?
    I love that you created a lipstick topper with the metallic opal shade – it can transform so many of your existing lipsticks! SMART. 😍

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