Lure Products- Featured 🌟


Lure Products is a Beautiful Canadian Brand that offers Effective hair Care  and diffuser oil aromas rich in nature-based oils and extracts, created without the use of synthetic fragrance. Honestly formulated in Victoria, BC.


Let’S Go through each product as it’s such a fabulous line
This is a Conditioning cleanser – One step – think shampoo and conditioner in one. It uses Aloe Vera and Shea Butter to smooth and moisturize and Lavender, Frankincense and peppermint to invigorate the senses. I love it because it does not strip the hair of any moisture whilst still cleansing the hair.
A Gorgeous product that SMELLS so gorgeous I can’t get enough! It’s definitely the lavender. It brings out the natural waves or curls and is perfect for before blow dry. The rice bran oil keeps hair moisturized.
This is out of this world beautiful and I would spray it in my hair at any time just because it smells so amazing! Bergamot and Rosemary together are heavenly and even if I don’t want to do anything to my hair that day- This just smells heavenly and gets the hair ready for anything!  Sensory experience OH YES!
OUT OF ALL THESE GORGEOUS PRODUCTS- This one is my fave. Indeed the best Sea Salt spray I have ever – EVER used. It gives mermaid hair and the seaweed and rosewater keep it moisturized.
Also acts as Dry shampoo!
Talk about a brilliant product! Dry Shampoo and and adds volume all at once. It smells divine and leaves no white cast on the hair. Grapefruit and Cedar wood are my faves as it’s pure freshness.
How impressed am I with Lure Products!!!! IMPRESSED
in Victoria British Columbia – they are available at
In Cumberland BC – Available at
You can also check out their Aroma Blends which I haven’t stopped using since receiving
To say that this brand is out of this world is a massive understatement …
*Thanks to Lure Products for Sponsoring This post
All Views are my own 
You can find them On IG 
And their direct email is
All Love

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