MD Beauty Clinic – A Review – Yorkville 🌟🌟🌟

*This experience was hosted – all views are my own


Hi Guys ! Happy September!  Today I have a review of a Gorgeous Medi Spa in the heart of Yorkville.


MD Beauty Clinic offers many services.  It’s an immaculate spa – Absolutely Immaculate with chic decor. The Screening process for COVID-19 is extensive and is done outside before you enter the clinic. A Temperature check is done and of course masks are required.

It has a minimalist vibe and I was the only one there and That makes me feel extra extra Safe.

I am not new to lip augmentation but I am always learning,  The science, as you guys know is what I love.

I met Avni- RPN and asked her a gazillion questions as she took my medical history. She answered them ALL..

She and I Decided on Juvederm – for a full lip look.

We talked about numbing agents and I felt Very taken care of.  I have noticed I have sensitivity to Lidocaine: the topical that medical spas usually use. It’s super duper important to listen to your body and Lidocaine: in the past has made my heart race and adrenaline go up.

So no Numbing for me. Avni is one brainy boss and the extra time she took to answer my questions was awesome.

I am always very inquisitive – ALWAYS .


Here is some info from their website – It’s quite rich with info and testimonials

Avni decided on one full syringe of Juvederm 

Does it Hurt? Nope .It actually feels less painful without Lidocaine and I think it’s the way she injects with smaller needles.

Everyone does things differently so make sure you ask those questions!

How about right after?

There is light bruising and swelling and ZERO pain!

The swelling is more noticeable in the morning as we all retain fluid as we sleep.

I went on Thursday the 10th


THIS IS ALSO very important

Hello No Lidocaine !!!!! HAHA

the day after


1 – Do not drink alcohol – I don’t drink

2 – Drink HUGE AMOUNTS Of water


4 – Sleep a little bit upright – lessens swelling 

5 – Sleep TONS 



You can contact the Yorkville Clinic


It was a great experience ! Thank You MD Beauty Clinic





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