JOICO – Blonde Life – Haircare – A Review ✨


Oh Hello!



If you guys have been reading my blog for a while, You know how picky I am with haircare. So VERY picky. If I don’t like it after one use – I won’t use it again. It has to be pretty darn amazing for me to write about is as well.


Enter The Beauty that is JOICO’S Blonde Life products

Just for blondes YAY!

Okay so when I first tried this I LOVED everything about the whole line.

“A glistening collection of blonde-focused products designed specifically to protect, detoxify, and bump up the brilliance and strength of hair that you’ve bleached, double-processed, or lifted to new heights. Send clients home with this care regimen and you’ll also be preventing environmental damage and off-tones until their next salon visit.”

I am a natural blonde – what yes I am … It’s really rare I know for people to be above 40 and still be blonde. My eyebrows are like dark blonde lol. I am light all around and adore being a blonde. If You know me you know my hair is a bit wild and I love it just the way it is.


A description of each product

Brightening Shampoo 

Gently cleanses with rich lather


Free of SLS/SLES Sulfates*


Added softness and smoothness

Keeps blondes bright

UV Protection

I will be using this til the very end. I love the rich lather and extra brightness it brings out of my hair. It also smells so fresh and expensive . Lol. Yes this one of my greatest qualms when it comes to haircare. The scent! It’s such a personal thing right. It meshes with your body chemistry and it just has to be amazing !

Brightening Conditioner 

Deeply nourishes bleached, double-processed, or high-lifted blonde hair without weight

Keeps hair polished and bright

Instantly detangles

UV Protection.

I am going to get repetitive! I 🙂 will be using ALL THESE products til the last drop! This is such a great detangler.

Blonde Life Brightening Veil UV & Thermal defence multitasker

Love this right after my shower! I don’t usually blow dry but I am outside a lot and I love that it protects my hair from the sun,

Blonde Life Violet Shampoo & Conditioner 

A lot of purple/ violet shampoos and conditioner make my hair too white blonde. It’s like they grab too much of my natural colour- golden blonde and make it ashy. That I do not like. These two Do Not do this. They seem to clarify the buildup from city water : which is tough on hair! A long time ago I live in Downtown Vancouver for about 3 months and had to wash my hair with Evian as the chemicals in the water would leave my hair – greenish ! It’s all chemistry right and wow it became expensive to wash my hair with a huge bottle of Evian. Back then, they did not have Good Blonde products like they do now. Greenish Hair…. Not for me!

These 2 just bring out my natural highlights and battle the Toronto water’s effects.


I super duper recommend this whole line if you are blonde naturally or amplified! This is the best Blonde line I have tried and Like I wrote earlier I will be finishing each product til the end. (That’s a big deal for me) Picky Picky!! 🙂



Thanks To Joico Canada for sending all this amazingness .




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