Cityline Taping- Tracy Moore & Dave Lackie πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸ

  Happy February Loves!!! Love Month!!! My Fave! On Friday I had the opportunity to be part of a live taping of Cityline’s Fashion Friday – to air This Friday- February 8th! My hands are still sore from clapping so hard! lol – so much fun! I’ve been lucky enough to see Tracy Moore and […]

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Igniting the Heart – Thoughts to Words – Lifestyle

Since there is No podcast this week – Lack of time – I have decided to do a little Motivation post – Inspired by – If You will .. Enter Nida – Creator of MyLifes.canvas View this post on Instagram "Thank You for all the crappy days" Roaming around @harbourfrontcentre and looking at so many […]

Read More Beauty Podcast Episode 21

Well that was a Nice little break !!!! Onward – This week My guest is Best Day Blogger – MARIA ! You are sure to know her if You are in Canada ! She is all over YouTube and is a full on artist! VERY CREATIVE WOMAN! Check out one of her MANY works of […]

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Beach Beauty – MonoΓ― Botanicals

Hi BeYouties! Today I am talking about some wonderful beachy products from MonoΓ― Botanicals. If ever there was a time to feel that blissful vibe that comes from Ocean Inspired beauty: It is now! I talked about writing more from an experiential viewpoint in my blogging goals for 2017 and these amazing products really bring […]

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Featured Blogger – HippyLip

Happy Sunday – AGAIN- First Day of Spring (Official)! Tons of energy to write & share! Remember Last week I shared 6 Canadian Beauty Bloggers to watch! Well, I will be featuring Bloggers one by one now. Last week was amazing and there was so much energy attached and so much came from it! Β Also […]

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Pure + Simple – Luxurious Natural skincare

Happy Sunday! I have to say it’s been a tremendous week – In all aspects – Seriously – Feeling the gratitude – big time. As is moving into it’s 6th month of existence: I have to say that one of my favourite parts of Beauty blogging is reaching Out to lovely companies. If something […]

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